The site is down right or with the mass of the chain of

Month: November 2017

The site is down right or with the mass of the chain of

with the love of Shanghai foreign chain, anti chain links, cheating against injunctions, recently N station appeared the following:


1, immediately restore the weight included after the recovery of

from the original www.lyylx贵族宝贝, copyright: Shanghai Dragon School, please indicate the source. Thank you

from the above three situations can be seen, recently love Shanghai to combat cheating, link link, rectify the Internet environment is not large, well-known Forum on Weakness lends wings to rumours., B2B, classification of information also made a warning. I believe the next may have some sites will be revised and improved in different degree, we will wait and see. Imagine it is not difficult to see that the maintenance of the Internet environment is also love Shanghai’s social responsibility, hope that the webmaster can be treated with caution. read more

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Love Shanghai see the user experience stop the spam links

This article is The

love Shanghai update algorithm, I deliberately went about, and found no noticeable. However, this morning came to look, the blog page is K off, at first, also feel strange, but still understand what is going on, is a violation of the principle of user experience, the user enters the site is to get on the site what he wanted, and repeatedly jumped out of the station is on the link the user is not friendly, the user can not determine the authenticity of these websites, and browse the lost logic, so this blog also was regarded as a junk page. read more

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Why can the Shanghai dragon help enterprise marketing

because it is with the purpose to find the answer, so the user itself with this demand. We know that advertising is not received, because most of the people did not watch the advertisement demand. But on the contrary, if we just want to buy something, and then found the related advertising, so we focus on the ad will be improved greatly.

Shanghai is the famous Dragon Internet Co blitz, like Jingdong, Dangdang, the U.S. group and other well-known e-commerce site each year at a cost of several million yuan to hire full-time Shanghai dragon team is doing the work of search engine optimization. As professional Lanzhou Shanghai dragon company, we come to you why Shanghai dragon can help the enterprise marketing, to enhance the visibility and reduce advertising costs. read more

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The website data analysis to help you improve the Shanghai dragon strategy

two, which flows from

analysis of key words page Included

believe that every webmaster in the operation of the site will have a record of data and habits, is one thing, to do daily such as included in the site and increase external links, and usually their own on the site do what operations such as the basic situation, do this both in order to verify the Shanghai Dragon the effect, simultaneously also can facilitate the website after problems can find out the reason as soon as possible to find a solution to the law as soon as possible, improve Shanghai Longfeng strategy, improve website ranking. The following A5 diagnosis optimization team to Shanghai dragon you cite some common situations. read more

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Be careful the station link he may make you doomed eternally

outside the chain of quality needless to say, either their own or their public relations website is very good, and the operation ability is very good, or to spend money to buy. You like to get the high quality of the chain is not easy. Breadth of the chain; different domain links more better, the earth people know.

chain: I want to use the software in addition to mass, a large number of physical, Navy manual release, is the fastest growing station link. The station link is called each other every page has a link to your site. read more

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Liu Shanghai dragon website optimization to the customer on how to write optimization scheme

website optimization scheme is a certain pattern, generally write website optimization scheme is set to a fixed pattern, namely:

a lot of website optimization habits is not the way to meet to talk to customers, in fact, in the first step of optimization scheme is to meet with customers, and customers can meet the following advantages:

1, the site itself, for example, included in the site, site of the PR value and the domain name age these tools can check out through the Shanghai dragon.

3, with customers in the chat, can understand the specific needs of customers on the website optimization, which can be written in a more optimized scheme. read more

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Share each surface PPC on the dialectical view of PPC promotion

without warning

PPC if approved, can quickly see the effect, to me at the beginning of the site, on the first day of the promotion of PPC is of no suspense in the first page of the first week, PPC promotion will bring a lot of user intent, conversion of real users reached 30. This is unable to reach the Shanghai dragon short time effect, delivery period ranking has more stability than the Shanghai dragon.

(3) ranked

webmaster know Shanghai dragon and PPC SEM, most of the owners have experienced insights and their application to Shanghai dragon, for PPC there are two opposing circles, some owners think that PPC can quickly upgrade the ranking, steady flow, and thus rely on PPC to do site promotion; some owners think PPC Tuzeng the operation cost, and thus refused to try to use PPC. Through my own website experience, share on the PPC surface with everyone, a dialectical view of PPC. read more

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On importance of order in the website optimization process

in the Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult to continue today, many Shanghai dragon Er has been troubled a question: why my each work site are doing better than the same industry website, content rich than others, the quality is higher than others, the site within the chain than others is reasonable, the chain are stronger than others, but why is my rankings do not

page must know not only the three elements of the home page, the page content also needs, especially the products and news page. As everyone knows, in fact, the content of a web site from the narrow sense, something of the text is the site of the. But often the product and the news page includes the entire website 80% text. So it is particularly important. This work is the first time to do under normal circumstances, if you are not the first time to take this work to do, you will find the following: read more

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The filling machine industry in Shanghai situation and how the Shanghai dragon dragon

Update the

is engaged in the filling machine industry has been half a year, there are several sites responsible for filling machine, filling machine in this period of time to optimize the website, summarize a lot of experience in the Shanghai dragon, and share with you. On top of what is good, not good words to paizhuan. Now the filling machine industry is very competitive, is a challenge to the Shanghai dragon Er, the first analysis of filling machine industry present situation of Shanghai dragon. read more

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T orange founder the perception of a start up company from 0 to 1Content pays is the minority of th

Internet information, brings a choice difficult disease to the user, regardless of is the daily express, sh419 news, or today’s headlines, the flow of information with the title of the party and the invalid content, to filter out the content they want from it, the time consumed by the may far exceed the reading pleasure can help users save time, gain knowledge and experience has become the value of the goods, pay as a way for users to save time, will more acceptable for the user.

three years ago, a new movie, many people will be frantically searching for HD in the network, thunderbolt, express, etc., is the necessary software installed for everyone; three years later, the movie site transferred to the cinema or Youku, Iqiyi this kind of original website, pay ten dollars buy a read more

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