Father John Misty Shares New Music Video “Pure Comedy” In Seemingly Perfect Timing

first_imgFather John Misty is a man of simple taste and robust opinion. Known for writing ballads relevant to the present moment, he announces his newest record Pure Comedy in seemingly perfect timing. The topics of choice are clearly defined in the title track, shared below, which explores societal trends, technological obsessions, popular dependencies, and the overall state of humanity across the human lifespan.He describes this new track as a lengthy dissection of “the comedy of man”. While the images in the video seem more specific than the lyrics of the song, he tells NPR, “There’s nothing political about ‘Pure Comedy.’ Unless that’s what the viewer wants, even with all the gratuitous footage of political figures. The video is only ‘about Trump’ in that the video is about human beings.”Images of Trump, Obama, Kanye West, and Pepe the Frog are all characters of the animated depiction. The song also appears to address relevant topics like big pharma, global warming, and natural disasters, as well as societal obsessions like religion, gluttony, and general foolishness.Pure Comedy comes out April 7, but you can listen to the title track below:Josh Tillman teamed up with Jonathon Wilson to produce the 75-minute record, which you can learn more about in the 25-minute documentary film below:You can also see the new album’s artwork, in GIF form, below:last_img

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