Gyms ask for answers after state says no on phase 4 of reopening

first_imgHashey says he’s introduced new modifications to his gym in hopes of making it safer to workout. The state has not released any information on when gyms could expect to re-open. “For a company to be able to financially plan, we’ll have some revenue next month, but how do I renegotiate my leases to try to survive to that point?” said Hashey. “If we’re not told what the end zone is, then we can’t score that touchdown.” Gyms are not included in phase four of New York State’s reopening plan, and that has some local gym owners looking to the state for what’s next. “Gyms should be able to open at a very limited capacity so they can test the guidelines from the state. They should start with appointment-based training so things are trackable and you can gather data through the process,” said Hashey. Without a date for reopening in sight, Hashey says that can make it difficult for planning ahead financially. center_img (WBNG) — If you were hoping to get that workout in this Friday when phase four is officially expected to begin, it seems you may have to wait a little longer. However, Hashey says when Synergy Athletics does reopen, it has to be done safe and right. “For the state, a couple days out to say, well that’s not enough, you guys can’t open. My question is why? What can we do now to connect the dots and make sure we do so in a safe way,” said Synergy Athletics President Joe Hashey. last_img

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