Sanja Sudar, Kurija Janković: The hotel is not the sole reason for the arrival of the guest, but it is the destination where it is located

first_imgHotel Kurija Janković from Virovitica, a heritage hotel or a four-star heritage hotel, received great recognition, the most important of its guests who are the best and most relevant critics. It is the first guest recognition from the Guest Review Awards 2017 with a high score of 9.2, and recently the hotel was also included in Fodor’s Travel Guidebook, a publication of the world’s largest publisher of travel guides.”In July last year, on the recommendation of the travel agency Boho Travel Art, the Janković Curia was visited by Andrea MacDonald, a tourist journalist of Fodor’s Travel, who collected information on tourist attractions in Slavonia for the new edition of “Croatia 2018 Guidebook”. On that occasion, the entire offer of the Janković Curia was presented to her, its history and plans for the future were told, and in cooperation with Nippy Adventures, a bike tour along the Drava River was made on electric bicycles, which are usually offered by the hotel, thus creating a complete cycling experience.”Points out Sanja Sudar, head of the Janković Curia.Thus, the heritage hotel will be on the list of recommended accommodation facilities in this part of Croatia, while the cycling tourist offer is rated as excellent. As Fodor’s is the world’s largest publisher of tourist guides in English, whose observations and recommendations have significantly influenced the choice of vacation spot for more than 75 million of its readers for 20 years, this is more than a great advertisement, and the recommendation will be visible in print. an edition of the guide that will be available for purchase on Amazon, as well as on Fodor’s website. “The great news that has arrived at the Janković Curia these days, about the inclusion in Fodor’s guide as a recommended accommodation facility in this part of Croatia, certainly means a lot to us. That recommendation will be visible in the print edition of the guide, which will be available for purchase on Amazon, as well as on Fodor’s website. Whether the hotel will be included in the offer depended exclusively on the hotel reviews and the actual experience of the journalist. So, not knowing if we would eventually find ourselves in the company of the elect, we waited impatiently for this good news. The exceptional quality of accommodation in the historical heritage, the combination of our electric bicycles and the interestingly designed Drava route of the cycling guide rounded off the visit of Fodor’s team and showed that we definitely deserve our place on the tourist map of Croatia and the world.”Sudar points out and adds that they offer bed and breakfast, and that they refer guests to local restaurants that work with local ingredients and indigenous dishes.The magic formula for success is very simple. Let’s be what we are, sell an authentic and home-made story and look at the guests not as a number, but as people who came on vacation and met and experienced something new. “The way we welcomed the representative of the Fodor guide is identical to the way we usually greet our guests. We wanted the experience of staying in our area to be authentic, without pushing into the offer of some things that are not natural and characteristic for us. The enthusiasm was first aroused by the Curia as such – a beautiful, elegantly restored 19th-century building that simply radiates uniqueness. ” says Sudar and adds that such objects also bring with them interesting historical sketches that everyone from the Janković Curia team is happy to pass on to visitors.Sanja Sudar: We are also aware that the hotel is not the sole reason for the arrival of the guest, but it is the destination where it is located Hotel Kurija Janković has 18 comfortable double rooms, and guests have at their disposal a coffee bar, restaurant, meeting room, conference hall, souvenir shop and bicycles. The hotel is located at the place where Slavonia embraces Podravina and in the environment of the UNESCO Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube. Visitors to the hotel are half domestic and half foreign guests, mostly from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and last year there was a growth of over 200% in overnight stays. I would like to emphasize that the main focus must be on authenticity, destination as well as the focus on local and traditional gastronomy. It is in this field that they score at the Kurija Janković Hotel. Also, most hoteliers have no way of understanding that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a quality, diverse and authentic experience of the destination.The atmosphere in Kurija Janković is always homely and pleasant, we always try to respond to every request of the guest with a smile and provide him with a special experience in which he will feel appreciated and welcome, not just as one client in a row, said Sanja Sudar. the word “domestic” runs through our entire business and guests are increasingly recognizing it. “Homemade, homemade, homemade! The hotel serves a traditional Slavonian-Podravina breakfast prepared from local ingredients, and the offer of the coffee bar consists of local wines, liqueurs, teas, natural juices, craft beers, and in local restaurants freshly caught Drava fish is prepared in the traditional local way. We believe that the destination needs to be experienced with all your senses, and the inclusion of local producers in the hotel offer was a completely logical and correct choice for us. We are also aware that the hotel is not the sole reason for the arrival of the guest, but it is the destination in which it is located. We are proud of the untouched nature and richness of flora and fauna of the continental part of Croatia, which tells its own amazing story. Guests of our hotel regularly use bicycles as well as electric ones that we offer”Sudar points out.The message and business philosophy is clear.By the way, the hotel opened its doors to its first guests in 2016, when it got a whole new glow from the old ruins. In the first year of operation, they had an average of 66 nights per month, while last year there was an increase of 220% and an average of 212 nights per month, which is proof of how personalized approach and attitude towards guests is highly valued and respected. That should be imperative. “One of the problems of this part of Croatia is certainly the lack of organized tourism in the form of agency tourist packages, so all the results achieved are individual efforts by hotels and our local caterers and family farms with which we strive to create an attractive tourist product. We hope that the entire tourist offer of the continental part of Croatia will be more visible because we have something to offer with its content and quality. Cycling is certainly one of the directions we have chosen because Virovitica-Podravina County, which through EU projects has marked five hundred kilometers of bike trails in our hilly-plain area, has given us a good foundation for the development of this type of tourism. The experience is what the guest brings home, and we strive to make it truly memorable and special”Says Sudar and adds at the end that they are happy to wait for every occasional traveler and will be happy to create a personalized experience for each guest.Yes, they work and fight and live tourism 0/24. If you need advice on how to extend the tourist season, ask our tourist heroes from the continent, who work all year round. If I can do it on the continent, then why not at sea.Small family and boutique hotels must be our main base, at least in my opinion, because they employ local people, use local food, have a more intimate and homely atmosphere, and they are the ambassadors of our tourism and work all year round. Of course, we also need large hotels, but certainly as a development concept based on small family hotels, it is sustainable and more efficient. It is private renters with six or more rooms who should be encouraged to take this path, to become small family hotels with a story.In the tourism development strategy, we need 1.000 small family resorts, not 1.000 tourist resorts.&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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