Split “metro”: By train from Kopilica to the city port in 4 minutes

first_imgRELATED NEWS: The high-speed city railway, or the Split metro as they call it from miles away, will depart every 20 minutes, with the journey on that stretch lasting only four minutes. The price of a one-way ticket is 11 kuna, and passengers will be able to use the same ticket in other areas of the city bus transport.  City trains on the route Kopilica-Gradska luka and vice versa will run every 20 minutes, while the ticket price will be 11.00 kuna per person in one direction. With one-way regulation of road traffic in the city port and the introduction of new bus and railway lines, which will increase throughput and reduce waiting, the goal of this project is to provide quality intermodal service and traffic relief of the City of Split. As they point out from the city of Split, the organization of the Main Railway Station in Kopilica and the introduction of the city railway in the public transport service is expected to reduce the pressure of vehicles, especially tourist buses to the city center, and passengers can get to the center by train in 4 minutes which is valid for rail and bus hour. Photos: HZPP According to the new changes, disembarkation and embarkation of passengers from tourist buses at the terminals at the Tourist Palace on the Riva will be possible, but with a limit of 15 minutes, and each stop for embarkation and disembarkation will cost 400 kuna, ie a total of 800 kuna. Note, UHPA agreed at a meeting with the city of Split that pre-agreed and announced groups by tour operators and travel agencies in 2019 will be realized under the same conditions as before, and the new prices are valid for all from 2020. (more on the whole issue in the attachment) The City of Split has introduced changes in the regulation of public city transport as well as stationary traffic for tourist buses in the area of ​​the narrower and wider city center. The feasibility study is currently being prepared for the connection of the air and ferry port by rail, after which further activities necessary for the realization of this project will continue. According to the results of the Feasibility Study, the Terms of Reference will be supplemented and the activities of conducting a public tender for the preparation of project documentation and obtaining permits would begin. Specifically, this means that the disembarkation and embarkation of passengers from tourist buses will be organized along the railway platform in Kopilica, where a parking lot for tourist buses with 48 seats will be opened. The daily parking ticket for tourist buses will be 120 kuna, as has been the price for parking in Dračevac so far. Tickets will be sold at the box offices of Promet and HŽ Putnički prijevoz. City-suburban trains on the route Split Predgrađe (Kopilica) – Split (city port) will run on average every 24 minutes, and the train ride takes 4 minutes.       ANNEX: TIMETABLE Split – Suburbs of Split / Suburbs of Split – Split Yesterday, the first city-suburban train started on the route Split Predgrađe (Kopilica) – Split (city port), which started the realization of the project of connecting with the high-speed suburban railway station Split. Interestingly the historic first run was delayed by three minutes. “The goal is to connect the airport and Split’s City Port, the two busiest ports on the eastern Adriatic coast with almost nine million passengers. When we add to that the four cities connected by the railway, then it is quite clear that we could not have started this project without HŽ Putnički prijevoz, HŽ Infrastruktura, the Split city companies Promet and Split – parking. This is just the first step of something that we will achieve in the years ahead, and because of the better quality of life of our fellow citizens. We are aware of the daily, high traffic between Split and other nearby cities and outside the tourist season. In order to relieve the traffic in the center of Split, we are taking a number of measures, such as the purchase of new city buses, the preparation of city and electric bicycle systems, as well as the reform of the city parking system. Changes in the relief of city traffic are underway. It is up to us all to get used to the changes and the new system together and to encourage the railway as a relief”Said the first man of the city of Split, Mayor Krstulović Opara. The new traffic regulation means that one-way traffic will be introduced in the City Port, while the main railway station will be organized in Kopilica. Also, the above-mentioned city railway line Kopilica – Gradska luka was introduced, so that tourists, after getting off the bus, could reach the city center by rail.  Also, it is planned to introduce the line Prometa doo Split on the route Airport – Kaštel Stari and joint tickets Promet doo – HŽPP for the route Zračna luka – Kaštel Stari – Split station (city port). / / / COMMON SENSE HAS OVERCOME IN THE CITY OF SPLIT: PRE-AGREED AND ANNOUNCED GROUPS WILL BE REALIZED UNDER THE SAME CONDITIONS AS BEFORElast_img

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