Traminer Festival in Ilok – the first Croatian post-corona wine event

first_img“Our friends and partners in the organization of the Traminer Festival, Ilok Cellars, in cooperation with Miloš Stojaković from the Aguara artisan chocolate factory in Belgrade, will show how Traminer and chocolate combine fantastically and that every Traminer deserves its own chocolate, while the greatest Sarajevo chef and great culinary from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nihad Mameledžija, at a gala dinner to show how different types of Traminer can easily be paired with Bosnian cuisine specialties such as small veal kebabs, Herzegovinian lamb and Livno cheese, tufahija and tulumbi or keški and bulgure ”, announces Garmaz. After several months of stagnation due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tourist offer is getting richer day by day. The Traminer Festival in Ilok will certainly contribute to this. The second edition of the festival will be held on June 26 and 27 in Principovac and in the Old Cellar of Ilok Cellars, and according to the organizers, it will bring together about 70 wineries from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, France and Italy. Đorđe Bikicki “We are happy that already in its second edition, the Traminer Festival is establishing itself as one of the world’s leading wine festivals celebrating this great variety.”, emphasizes Željko Garmaz, who in cooperation with Vinko Ručević signs the organization of the Festival. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the capacities of Ilok and its surroundings have been filled for the second edition of the Traminer Festival, which is an indicator of how all the potentials of the destination can be used. The organizers plan to bring several buses with visitors from Osijek to Ilok for the second day of the Festival, because there is no lack of interest in the Traminer Festival. But let’s go back to the Traminer Festival, which this year boasts top guests, who could be envied by wine festivals with a much longer and longer tradition. At the second edition of the Festival, their arrival was confirmed by: Michel Ginglinger from Alsace, Otmar Šturm from Metlika, Đorđe Bikicki from Fruška gora, a great Alsatian with an English address Eric Zwiebel MS, who will hold a big masterclass on the best Alsatian Traminers with ten different grand cruises, The Traminers of the Austrian prodigy Michael Gross will be presented, and Bruno Gaberšek, a great wine connoisseur from Slovenia, will delve deep into the archives of the Ptuj winery. And just such an event once again confirms Ilok as a top wine destination. Although Traminac originates from South Tyrol, it was thanks to Ilok that he reached the English royal court. The tradition began at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, in 1953, when Traminer from Ilok was even the official wine at that festival. The Traminer-court relationship later continued at the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate, as well as at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Mehgan Markle in May 2018. During Prince Charles’ visit to Croatia, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, presented him with a Traminer from 1947, a 68-year-old wine kept in the ideal conditions of the Old Cellar from 1450, which is the oldest wine cellar in Europe. built precisely for the purpose of storing and aging wine. The Ilok cellars sent a shipment of the best Traminers to London in 2013 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. Today, Ilok Traminer can also be called “royal wine”. Ante Miličević from Kutjevo will personally present his experiences with Traminer, which a few days ago, in the selection of members of the wine association Vinum from Zadar, was named the best Croatian predicate wine, and Dominik Jagunić will show why his latest macerated Traminer is a miracle! At one of the workshops, Iločki podrumi will present one of the most intriguing Traminers from its rich archive, and according to the organizers, visitors will talk about this experience for years. Restrictions that still apply in some countries from which guests come, cause problems in the organization, but according to Garmaz, despite the coronavirus, no participant has so far canceled their participation in the Festival. Eric Zwiebellast_img

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