The site is down right or with the mass of the chain of

with the love of Shanghai foreign chain, anti chain links, cheating against injunctions, recently N station appeared the following:


1, immediately restore the weight included after the recovery of

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from the above three situations can be seen, recently love Shanghai to combat cheating, link link, rectify the Internet environment is not large, well-known Forum on Weakness lends wings to rumours., B2B, classification of information also made a warning. I believe the next may have some sites will be revised and improved in different degree, we will wait and see. Imagine it is not difficult to see that the maintenance of the Internet environment is also love Shanghai’s social responsibility, hope that the webmaster can be treated with caution.

, after this happens a lot of people started to take the WWW domain name to 301 domain name with WWW, trying to make the weight to the WWW domain name and rankings. In this case, only tried people know there is no use. Of course, the search engine also know that the webmaster will do so, since it right down, also must have a way to deal with.

, domain always hovering in the seventh page, the home page included snapshot and all normal, no keywords ranking, even "love Shanghai to the title, that included deleted the next day this happens without WWW; after a period of time in the domain name part of the delicate part of the ranking, website snapshot stagnation phenomenon.

three, compared to the ratio above two to be more complicated, but also the most tragic. This phenomenon generally divided into two types:


will be following the three cases in detail:

two, page snapshot disappear, page ranking, page ranking part.

two, second is the only general right down the website, or K off the home page, the inside pages was not affected. This situation generally focused recently made a lot of links to the home page of this volume not only refers to the number and proportion of. For example: on the same platform or similar platform released a lot of links to the home page links etc..

2, immediately after the restoration included became the first case. The situation with the collection of low quality articles associated.

three, website snapshot website ranking disappear, disappear, no (also known as the "feathers")

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