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love Shanghai update algorithm, I deliberately went about, and found no noticeable. However, this morning came to look, the blog page is K off, at first, also feel strange, but still understand what is going on, is a violation of the principle of user experience, the user enters the site is to get on the site what he wanted, and repeatedly jumped out of the station is on the link the user is not friendly, the user can not determine the authenticity of these websites, and browse the lost logic, so this blog also was regarded as a junk page.

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love Shanghai issued, many people began to speculate that love Shanghai recently will have a big adjustment, large K station operation will be kicked off. Regardless of whether the news is true, from a few months to adjust love Shanghai, love Shanghai seems to have a plan, for a big cleaning activities on the internet.

indeed, now the Internet, everywhere is full of spam, spam, spam links. The webmaster in order to get a better ranking, at a large number of the chain resources, and these resources outside the chain like a snowball snowball, will become a huge source of spam. Someone once said a joke: "now on the Internet, you can see a clean page?" seemingly, this is a fact that the sea love determined.

is also a member of engaged in network marketing, in the vast network of the sea, also can for enterprise talent shows itself to get a foothold in the internet. Some time ago, I whim, feel the Sina blog is a very good promotion platform, relying on the powerful influence of sina, and Sina blog blog building custom components can put more professional fine, will bring considerable effect. The next step is to start the design page, page do anchor text link a lot, of course, to master all chain enterprises (the purpose of doing so is to the user, click on any of the links can be directly into the enterprise master station). The page to build a good, feel good, but also to share a lot of people, the evaluation results are pretty good.

I want to tell you, the chain of garbage and unnecessary and the anchor text, carefully study how to make the user experience is king, after all the site or service users! I share promotion experience, if you have any suggestions or comments on the different views, please under the. The copyright is owned by www.kang-zhuo贵族宝贝, please respect the original, reproduced please do not delete

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