Why can the Shanghai dragon help enterprise marketing

because it is with the purpose to find the answer, so the user itself with this demand. We know that advertising is not received, because most of the people did not watch the advertisement demand. But on the contrary, if we just want to buy something, and then found the related advertising, so we focus on the ad will be improved greatly.

Shanghai is the famous Dragon Internet Co blitz, like Jingdong, Dangdang, the U.S. group and other well-known e-commerce site each year at a cost of several million yuan to hire full-time Shanghai dragon team is doing the work of search engine optimization. As professional Lanzhou Shanghai dragon company, we come to you why Shanghai dragon can help the enterprise marketing, to enhance the visibility and reduce advertising costs.

two, an occasion to search engine visibility

it is not difficult to understand. We know there are 700 million Internet users in the country, there are 2 billion 200 million global Internet users. These users when looking for a problem, only to use the search engine to obtain relevant information. This is a huge user base, whether it is the traditional TV media, newspapers or magazines, are not comparable.

so, first, the search engine can give the enterprise website bring potential users with actual demand.

is not good, so many electricity providers and third party webmaster is not so keen to use the Shanghai dragon as their main means of promotion / enterprise website, professional Lanzhou Shanghai dragon company East Hui van analysis, enterprises in Shanghai dragon has the following advantages:

we have love in Shanghai China, Google, YAHOO and other abroad. The brand is equivalent to CCTV, New York Times. In contrast, love Shanghai search engine has become an indispensable tool in the life of Internet users. Then, second points, use the search engine visibility and a huge user base as a platform to carry out the business.

enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng benefits:

Shanghai dragon can not only help enterprise marketing, can effectively improve business visibility, reduce advertising costs and other aspects. Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization English, known as the "Search Engine Optimization". It is mainly about improving enterprises engaged in the business, in the search engine exposure, so as to let potential customers browse their website and business, eventually converted into the actual customer.

If the

, a target customer positioning accuracy

this is not difficult to understand why people use search engines, because with a purpose to find the answer. The answer can be directly input "XXX" (keywords), can also be "XXX?" XXX ", which is cheap" phrase. We call the former target keywords, the latter phrase called long tail keywords. I will write a specific explanation later in the article.

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