The website data analysis to help you improve the Shanghai dragon strategy

two, which flows from

analysis of key words page Included

believe that every webmaster in the operation of the site will have a record of data and habits, is one thing, to do daily such as included in the site and increase external links, and usually their own on the site do what operations such as the basic situation, do this both in order to verify the Shanghai Dragon the effect, simultaneously also can facilitate the website after problems can find out the reason as soon as possible to find a solution to the law as soon as possible, improve Shanghai Longfeng strategy, improve website ranking. The following A5 diagnosis optimization team to Shanghai dragon you cite some common situations.

believes that intentional webmaster every day to see the CNNZ, from which you can see the content, the user is through search keywords in what is more obviously, if we can usually pay attention to the user search keywords love, then we can according to the clues to mining valuable potential, can bring the flow of words, but the competition is not too big, want to do the long tail is not easy, this requires owners must be above this point to mind. Want to.

three, CNNZ

, a web site overall situation

believes that no matter what type of website traffic will be pursued by the webmaster, if not to flow for the purpose of the website, but the website traffic more is always a bad thing, if you want to do site traffic, it is necessary to make each page, but it has a certain degree of difficulty, after all not the search engine does not know what love is not love what page, which page. Therefore, this needs the webmaster who observe, record the search engine love grab page, and the traffic is through the search engine in which words, the number of which page access points, A5 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng group although there is abundant in Shanghai Longfeng actual combat experience, but when doing the station it has been doing research on data analysis, after all, people’s memory is limited, the webmaster every day to do so many things, can’t remember everything, which day if the site of what had happened, if can’t out what the other day on the website which made operation of it, but if you every day there are records of website data habits, that this is to help you a big favor.

site believe that every day, also doing the analysis included data records, which pages, which are not included, what is the reason, how to make your website more fully, if there is not sufficient, you can through the data research the reason that on weekdays where is the domain name or site of low weight, structural problems, or navigation is not clear, what is more careless shielding spiders, let it not grab web content. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and optimization group remind the webmaster no matter what the reason is, to speak with the research data that is the so-called Facts speak louder than words.

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