Be careful the station link he may make you doomed eternally

outside the chain of quality needless to say, either their own or their public relations website is very good, and the operation ability is very good, or to spend money to buy. You like to get the high quality of the chain is not easy. Breadth of the chain; different domain links more better, the earth people know.

chain: I want to use the software in addition to mass, a large number of physical, Navy manual release, is the fastest growing station link. The station link is called each other every page has a link to your site.

some people say I do not why things are. Many people don’t like crime must be seized, but was caught, you will die very miserable, isn’t it? Some things are not being treated like. Articles such as pseudo original collection, most of the content, especially the weight of it, are in the collection, and if you are a common site, is to capture and acquisition, will be sealed, just a matter of time.

why do you want to talk about this topic today? The night of June 9th, idle to a YY to listen to a chain of course, one important point is that the number of the above to the station link, can quickly achieve the desired effect. This is also a good strategy. But I talk about my views today, about half a year ago, I also thought that the means to grow the chain. The 12 I’s personal website, there are 4 new and 2 old station and the station link a lot of people do. Results: the rapid growth of the chain, really achieve the desired effect, but then the problem came. My baby 4 noble sites are blocked. I did everything I could to contact with the noble baby, later received e-mail reply is: I am a malicious operating outside the chain; but I don’t have a problem with the old station. I applied for a re examination in the noble baby Administrator Tool background, and get rid of all the station link link, has 4 sites only put out a back.

after a few with me and each station link site links, and then contact the other love station link Shanghai dragon Er, most of them are the result of the site being punished or blocked. All the common characteristics of all new website;

now understand a little bit of Shanghai dragon, if you asked him outside of the chain, he can say the following basic points: 1. the quality of the chain, 2. chain wide degree and 3. chain number

thus concluded that the number of connections to the station link, you can not, but you should pay attention to, if you are a new website, it is best not to do so, the weight of the high site can try. This is because the site and avoid The loss outweighs the gain. seal;

of course, I also hope that those who do the training, not completely in their own practice when part of the theory, it is best not to teach bad friends, ha ha…… Finally, thanks to the opportunity to A5, issued a personal heart > here



noble baby The number of

this is one of my website after half a year still has not been included in

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