Liu Shanghai dragon website optimization to the customer on how to write optimization scheme

website optimization scheme is a certain pattern, generally write website optimization scheme is set to a fixed pattern, namely:

a lot of website optimization habits is not the way to meet to talk to customers, in fact, in the first step of optimization scheme is to meet with customers, and customers can meet the following advantages:

1, the site itself, for example, included in the site, site of the PR value and the domain name age these tools can check out through the Shanghai dragon.

3, with customers in the chat, can understand the specific needs of customers on the website optimization, which can be written in a more optimized scheme.

, a customer first

3, keywords, keywords for analysis, most schemes are stuck in their analysis of key words, such as keyword difficulty, many people don’t analysis the problem of the conversion, because for website optimization, keyword search engine can reach home, will be able to receive fees, the conversion rate of seemingly has nothing to do with me but, determinants of whether the customer is not to renew the keywords to the home page, but this keyword can bring much profit for him, otherwise, they can no longer renew for another second years.

The analysis of The analysis of

a good website optimization scheme can not only display the website optimization of professional website optimization, website optimization of the depth of research, also let the customers more clearly know the website optimization to bring benefits, how they have to do so, the optimization scheme, is the site optimization techniques the optimization must be mastered.

2, website program selection and adjustment, many customers in the website optimization before, without considering the choice of what kind of program will have more benefits for website optimization so completely in accordance with the procedures and templates for web site optimization can be said to be almost no, many customers of the website is often made from the aesthetic perspective therefore, changes in the small range, can be mentioned, if changes need to be larger, you don’t have to mention it, the customer is difficult to accept in order to re do website optimization a new website.

, 4 competitors, competition for analysis keywords >


program written

2, can effectively prevent the occurrence of cheating program, many people began to cheat on the website Web site optimization scheme, the scheme cheat people, some people want to see other optimization company’s solution is how to write; some enterprise boss want to own recruit people through specific programs to promote the site also; some are not learning website optimization scheme for personal……

The analysis of

1, the interview can increase website optimization between person and customer trust, the first impression is very important, if the two hit it off, in the chat process can successfully sign the bill, or even skip this step to write website optimization scheme.

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