Share each surface PPC on the dialectical view of PPC promotion

without warning

PPC if approved, can quickly see the effect, to me at the beginning of the site, on the first day of the promotion of PPC is of no suspense in the first page of the first week, PPC promotion will bring a lot of user intent, conversion of real users reached 30. This is unable to reach the Shanghai dragon short time effect, delivery period ranking has more stability than the Shanghai dragon.

(3) ranked

webmaster know Shanghai dragon and PPC SEM, most of the owners have experienced insights and their application to Shanghai dragon, for PPC there are two opposing circles, some owners think that PPC can quickly upgrade the ranking, steady flow, and thus rely on PPC to do site promotion; some owners think PPC Tuzeng the operation cost, and thus refused to try to use PPC. Through my own website experience, share on the PPC surface with everyone, a dialectical view of PPC.

control and easy operation rankings quickly

2, PPC

3, the cost increase



can adjust keyword bidding to control the ranking, the operation is simple, in the promotion of PPC after a period of time, through the bidding keywords from "lose weight list" to "the good reputation of the diet products, promotion of ranking from ninth adjusted to third. Therefore, promotion through competitive ranking to adjust the specific location is very easy to operate and control.

priceIt is because of

for ranking position through the auction, the price is floating PPC. The initial lower prices in the auction to the "key words good reputation of slimming products", after two months, the words of fire, for many people, a single click on the price rose 30%, the analysis found that the user intention click brings conversion is greater than the value for practical user generated the cost, a serious violation of the original intention on PPC promotion. Floating price of PPC let us no method to control costs, maintain long-term profitability.

code, can promote the effect of PPC tracking, traffic conversion rate comparison, so as to better adjust the PPC for keywords, the intention of the user effectively converted to play the biggest role for the actual user. From the tracking code, the PPC keyword "initial investment weight list" into the web site, click on the most is to lose weight, lose weight Raiders skills such as the content of the page for the site of the product page but few clicks. Therefore, after running for a period of time, consider replacing keywords delivery.

obviously promotion effect

1, PPC

PPC in addition to a single click on the price of the floating, there is no cost caused by malicious click indicates increased, when competitors found us.

simple tracking conversionsThe increase of

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