On importance of order in the website optimization process


in the Shanghai dragon is more and more difficult to continue today, many Shanghai dragon Er has been troubled a question: why my each work site are doing better than the same industry website, content rich than others, the quality is higher than others, the site within the chain than others is reasonable, the chain are stronger than others, but why is my rankings do not

page must know not only the three elements of the home page, the page content also needs, especially the products and news page. As everyone knows, in fact, the content of a web site from the narrow sense, something of the text is the site of the. But often the product and the news page includes the entire website 80% text. So it is particularly important. This work is the first time to do under normal circumstances, if you are not the first time to take this work to do, you will find the following:


we can see clearly that, in fact the description is different. That is what causes? Is very simple, the site had been included, but I changed it described yesterday, but the search engine did not react. A problem often encountered this is we do optimization. We continue to modify the three elements of a web page, but it turned out to have included page but did not change, if the modified content has little effect can be tolerated, but once is to modify a phone number

we can see this website description: Wenzhou Famory Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in bag packaging machine, bag production line, vacuum packaging machine, pickles packaging machine, production and R & D, glass bottle packing machine with advanced technology, stable operation, especially for bag packaging machine,


in fact, in our work we often ignore a problem — the order of every job.

station includes a lot of content, we can divide them into several parts: code, architecture, pages in the server tree structure, the chain construction, content construction. Here the key to mention is the page in the server tree structure matters. As everyone knows, the search engine is very friendly to have the property structure and layered site. So we just established a site in early may have to change the page on the server directory, for example: home page on the server root directory, column page on a directory, details page on the two directories and so on. >

Determination of three elements of the ?

reador.cn but when we opened this site later will find that in fact it is the description of:

… ?The construction of

first we might now Shanghai Longfeng work matters classification: page three elements, the station building, the construction of the chain.

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