The filling machine industry in Shanghai situation and how the Shanghai dragon dragon

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is engaged in the filling machine industry has been half a year, there are several sites responsible for filling machine, filling machine in this period of time to optimize the website, summarize a lot of experience in the Shanghai dragon, and share with you. On top of what is good, not good words to paizhuan. Now the filling machine industry is very competitive, is a challenge to the Shanghai dragon Er, the first analysis of filling machine industry present situation of Shanghai dragon.

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30 web sites, how to manage it, certainly not a person, so there must be enough staff in Shanghai dragon. In the filling machine of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are divided into two categories:


2, the powerful Shanghai dragon team

engaged in the work of the staff, is Shanghai dragon Er, has a certain level of Shanghai Longfeng, accounts for only a small proportion of the total number of team. For example, I was in charge of the company a total of nearly 9 stations, 30 stations, 3 individuals can only need to allocate. In the release of B2B information is about 10 people.

look at the company, so far, packing machine, filling machine, shrink machine, a total of about 30. And the company will continue to stand. In fact, this is the status of the industry, due to mechanical profits, competition is so intense, so every enterprise will do N competitive multi station, the station group There are plenty of people who do.

1, a plurality of enterprise website

I have a station is very successful, the long tail keywords set up in the home left classification, then this classification is set to the station in the form of. Take the form of the long tail word get good rankings no problem.

simply means that the company’s product information, a large number of release sites in the B2B industry above, increase website external links, and occupy more long tail word ranking. In this work the more staff, and Shanghai Longfeng level is low, most of the new entry, and some do not know Shanghai dragon.

because they are like this, if you do not, there is no way to compete with rivals. After all, the main keywords of this industry is limited, so many of the web page to cover important keywords and long tail keywords.

1, take the

above is the status of filling machine industry in Shanghai dragon. Below I will share on the web site of the Shanghai dragon experience filling machine.

home page to ensure pseudo original content to be included is the basic requirement. In addition to update the content is very important, in addition to keep the snapshot, included, another important role is to increase the quality of the company website for other >

second, website update


first, B2B website information release.

2, the long tail word distribution of

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