The domain name registration effect on search engine

is a domain name registration number is search engine ranking algorithm? The answer is yes. The search engine trust on a web site based on domain name registration through the years to consider. For example, a domain name registration or renewal for 10 years, is also 10 years, which can represent what? A station by means of cheating the personnel general domain name registration period for one year, and a large enterprise registered domain name is generally ten years, what’s the difference? Just cheating website after the money will go to the site closed, making another site; large enterprises do not want to let a domain renewal problems of enterprises, enterprises are also not bad that hundreds of Yuan domain registration fee. So the two sites you trust what kind of website? The search engine will give a higher weight which website? This is self-evident.

in addition, search engines can change the domain name information to determine whether a domain name owners, who want to get rid of the sandbox effect by registering the old domain name friends did not think, your every act and every move actually search engine is very clear. For this, many of my friends are given a slowly change the domain name information strategy, I think this strategy is very feasible. If we transfer the domain name, then the search engine will be aware of the domain name easy to master, so will trust, the chain and PR database information to empty the old domain name, it is a blow for the registration. When we bought an old domain name or transfer the domain name registration information, take does not modify the way immediately, as long as a long time interval, so it can overcome the search engine because the registration information changes and empty the domain name in the search engine.

a few years ago we know that Google is the top international domain name registrar, you know, the international top-level domain registrar worldwide is not more than 200. The question here is: why does Google offer domain registration service? This problem could be traced back to time 7 years ago, Google in a top-level domain registrar, released a shocking news: noble baby become the domain registrar, not in order to provide domain name registration service for the users, but in order to improve the search engine ranking quality. In other words, the domain name registration information has become a factor of noble baby ranking, after 7 years, I believe that the baby will have noble domain name registration information application in the ranking algorithm. From the Google trends, the news is not a blockade of the news, to love Shanghai earlier than I know this information, so the domain name registration information should also exist in Shanghai love database, only in many websites, forums, blog, few people write, but also very few people know.

domain name registration information affect search engine rankings, mainly from the transfer of the domain name, domain name, domain name registration to transfer old re evaluation. Many people would say to buy an old domain name, can the chain machine PR before turning to 301 by weight into the existing site, but it is a noble and love Shanghai baby should have thought.

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