Optimization of operation after the rectification of the article after the Shanghai home of love

on the platform

in general, the Internet search habits and common browsers we are unable to control, it needs to do with the general method, search keywords drop-down box and relevant search inside is in a period of time, Internet search frequency is relatively high, the search engine that Internet users greater demand, thus in the system recommended the word can often be so to think, to show keywords, we generally say that the PC keyword index is large, that may bring relatively large flow


today to share about after three kinds of optimization of the common information operation is mainly a short time effect can be achieved, compared with the previous two classes, most Internet users may accept and understand more easily, ADO, then began to

home page optimization

love Shanghai related product information

The common method of

with this kind of understanding is not difficult to the keyword you want to spend some time to optimize the drop-down box and relevant search, here is simple to explain, first select your target keywords, then view the keyword index, the index of the love of Shanghai, and the keywords optimization (stable update frequency the effect of general search), about a month after the update will love Shanghai keywords show


information platformThe time is longer

on the front page of the frequency is.

in addition to the common information of the three categories mentioned here some tips about love Shanghai search drop-down box and relevant search optimization, this combination of love Shanghai products to do home page optimization effect is more obvious, common on the Internet when we query or understand the information more often use search engine, common search engine there are 360 search search, Sogou search, love Shanghai and so on, this time in addition to the search engine differences, Internet users use the browser and search habits also have certain effect


compared with the ordinary commercial promotion information and website information, more integrated, are generally similar to the B2B platform or e-commerce platform for information display, usually see more like HC, love Shanghai trade and logistics platform for equipment industry, and so on, now love Shanghai business promotion to reduce 4, the pressure of competition, information publishing platform has become very important, how to release their product information to understand

some time ago to share several optimization methods of care Shanghai after rectification of common home information, according to the five "information home common promotion information, information, information platform, snapshot love Shanghai product information and other information" has been on the promotion of information, operation and business promotion information to do a simple snapshot share in the mouse, also gives some suggestions, part two is more important and more difficult, the optimization object

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