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, plays a very important role in the network popularization, the high quality of soft Wen can help enterprises to obtain Everfount access rate and conversion rate, bring high profits at the same time greatly enhance the visibility of the enterprise for the enterprise. Therefore, a high quality soft text for a web site is like a perennial huge advertising, can again and again three the influence of consumers’ willingness to buy, this is the magic of the soft. Of course, this is only good quality soft, so, how to write high quality soft? To make network marketing more easily "a housekeeper for you to uncover the mystery of success soft wen.

has a catchy title, the content is an important factor affecting the reader further purchase intention, must not be careless. The soft language not too simple and popular literature, the public can generally understand well, the story of soft Wen, general >


] and content

often engage in soft work of people know the title of the party. Soft writing after the completion of delivery to Post Bar related forums or news, presented in front of the reader is a long list of forum title (as shown below), our soft Wen title is among them, if in the long list of titles, the title of the article we neither painful nor itching attraction and attention, his will as can be imagined. So the title of the soft marketing efforts of the soft effect is great, we only through the title will attract readers point in, soft will play their own advantages. On the contrary the title did not have any attraction, even if the content and good effect is equal to zero. A housekeeper that you write in the soft, must pay attention to the title of the party, the title of success, our soft Wen is a success 1/3. According to a steward of the soft Wen experience to talk about politics, entertainment or general hot industry are concerned, can be used as the title of the soft elements.

As everyone knows,

refers to the so-called fine positioning your product consumer group positioning. Whether you want to promote a product is the mass of consumers or enterprises in general consumption, specific consumer groups or exclusive agency project. After determine the location can be set according to the characteristics of soft consumer groups in the direction of their products. For example, your product is LED large screen, so it is the object of general consumption enterprises, advertisers, so where is the enterprise advertisers concern, you should start from those concerns. If your products are cosmetics, so his position is in the consumption of young women, so women are generally more interested in these skin problems, you can cut is soft, soft Wen identify starting point target, target positioning accuracy will be soft, will be targeted marketing and precision marketing, soft Wen the issue will also have direction.

] fine positioning

soft. It can be divided into four aspects: accurate positioning, excellent thermal title, content, clever marketing.

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