Big data optimization strategy based on the analysis of Shanghai Dragon

when Internet plus concept has become a hot word, from all walks of life on the Internet shows it is difficult to curb the enthusiasm, it is this concept, in the stock market when it comes to the Internet business, even if there is a capital scale pig like, can also be the wind blowing on the day, every day is a trading board a must. Thus Internet plus the concept of hot degree. While using the concept of the most important way is the big data, in fact from the Shanghai dragon optimization point of view, big data is also an important innovation way of website optimization, website optimization is the key to success.

in combination with big data to optimize the site, but also promotes the establishment of website brand, after all, the site to be successful, eventually to be transformed into a brand effect, while maintaining the brand effect is achieved through the good Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because this is a guarantee for the implementation of brand strategy. Website optimization is not only to make the site’s ranking, to win the favor of users, enhance the user conversion rate, so this can realize their own user preferences >

we know that the traditional site optimization mode is usually content and the chain combination method, which includes keyword stuffing and bombing outside the chain, this is the most violent mode optimization at the early stage, with the rise of love Shanghai intelligence, this violent optimization is clearly difficult to work, it is even easy to be loved Shanghai discovered and shielded, so in order to deal with the intelligent love Shanghai, thus beginning the optimized correlation, with correlation is both the content and the chain are required and the goal of the website links.

website optimization facing an important bottleneck of

break the existing bottleneck strategy, embrace big data

in addition to the optimization of the chain and the code level website, website structure optimization, the content is relatively more, many are needed from the details, this website optimization difficulty will rise, and can bring profit for the enterprise is unknown or website, you may also need to spend the time is relatively long, so more and more sites began to ignore the Shanghai dragon optimization, simply through the soft publicity or advertising to get traffic, but this way for the cost of investment also brings more challenges.

The traditional

big data is able to closely connected with Shanghai dragon website optimization, mainly because of the large data can provide direction for website optimization, website optimization can make from before everything, become targeted, so it can greatly reduce the difficulty of website optimization, but also enables the website optimization purposes. For example, the content of the website should be optimized from which aspects to improve the quality, from which you can learn, the user clicks on the website is currently the industry heat data by means of data analysis, and the content of interest for data analysis, in fact, love Shanghai index and many other functions can have a positive reference for the website of Shanghai dragon optimization of large data analysis.

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