n areas where the chain effect can make our best

three: the construction of the chain need depth

, a general construction difficulty of the high value of

in the process of Shanghai dragon, I feel the time factor is the most important. If you can not insist on, so even if there is no good site, there is no better.

two: the chain of natural


of course, this is not absolute, but in general, get links difficult is often the highest value. Here we have paid links excluded in all free in the chain, in the soft links in the article is the best effect, but the general need your site has high quality original content information or there is some link bait to get. We usually do link building work, can not open to webmaster give you a link, then you will only run everywhere, and therefore will need time will be longer, but it must have the value of such links. Sometimes, if you must fully understand each other, you will take the initiative on the basis of one-way links to you.

the depth of the chain will often be ignored by the webmaster, I think a lot of new with the author first as a misunderstanding, it is usually we do links, generally do a home page, or the page classification, but few people do two class or even the content of the chapter. If we have a high quality of website content, so not only the home page with links to pages, should also have external links, which is in the electronic commerce station especially, when we have found something of interest in the above we will keep this address and share to my friends, for this website, is the product of their content, if we usually have high quality content of this website, you will surely attract a lot of users take the initiative to do external links.


link building platform and the construction way is best not to either link form immutable and frozen, and position, or link types, etc. we need mixed collocation. High quality links is the site can help us more quickly for ranking, and in our pursuit of the chain of high quality at the same time, must not ignore the chain whether this problem. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to, do too much the chain on the same platform is best not to, because if one day we delete the platform outside the chain chain will be your big fluctuations, the serious influence to our site.

chain construction is the key topic of the webmaster daily talk, both in the construction of the chain way, or to obtain various chain effect, can arouse the interest of the webmaster. I stood there for some time, for the construction of the chain from some own opinions, the author on how to make our chain of the best results obtained to share her own points.


four: cumulative

chain construction takes time

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