Good habits of successful website optimization


good habits will make us no matter in what can be completed smoothly. Since there is one good habit of life achievement. The successful person, there are close relationship and good habits. We see the same industry website construction company has done successfully, are all good students sigh. But there are also some website builder, not the normal operation, finally ended in failure. What is the reason why. In fact, through the analysis of Shanghai website production association policy network, a lot of or from their own habits. If there is no good habit to do things for people, success will never come to you.

second: website optimization content of the preparation. On the one hand, also need good habits. If you are not writing, please don’t worry. I ask, who are writing. Why people can write. When you really know the reason. You will write. So, do you love, adventure.has. Many people are forced to live. So successful. What they don’t have high intelligence. Just like us。 They just found the target, to love it, continuous learning. Slowly, their ideas are written in the text, often to see the same industry research articles, continuous learning, the way slowly insist, learning along the way, the way of learning. Only a few tens of minutes, at one time, write an article related to soft wen. In fact, these, we will be a lot of time, really make us lazy, not willing to move the brain, so slowly, develop a bad habit of laziness, how to write

: the first website optimization need good habits. For example, what we do every day? How to do? How to do? How much do? You should have. How much we do outside the chain today, where do. Don’t be too, would be careless with. Wait to do time for a long time. I don’t know what to do? Do know where? So, when we do the optimization, to develop a good habit. The chain you do the site classification is good. For example: we send the chain site, 10 website today, the site according to the smooth list, write the name. Word document. For second days, then, and so on, slowly, you will find that you get used to it, at the same time to develop such a habit, will let you slowly change over other habits.

third: life is always full of hardships and tears. Most of the time, the optimization is very boring. Need a quiet person to think. We choose one, then you want to abandon something. Really, there must be the loss of income. That is the truth. This is in fact, I really realize very deep. In order to optimize the website, I almost sacrifice myself a lot of time. No less love shopping. After dinner, will naturally open the computer, and to do things related to optimization. Over the weekend, not to sleep, or like the working day, doing things optimization. In fact, over the years, do the optimization of bit by bit, let me understand a lot of truth. Optimization.

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