Google webmaster tools July new website international positioning function

international positioning function can be any problem related to rel= are real-time monitoring sites in alternative "and" X "using the hreflang=. Such as the page A and page B is different but equally the same language content page, which is designed for visitors of different languages. A page using B rel= pointing to the page "alternative" and "hreflang= X" notes, and did not use the B page page A comment tags, then Google will give the reminder (no return page).

Google webmaster tools provided another reminder is the language code used wrong, such as the Japanese abbreviation mistakenly written as JP, the correct code is ja. Google is unable to understand the target language, will give the reminder.

the current situation is that many large international multi language website still ignore the 2 labels, and no use of them. Perhaps in order to let the webmaster aware of the importance of "rel= alternative" and "hreflang= X" for the international multi language website, only have this feature added to the webmaster tools. In fact, as early as March of this year, Google began to international positioning function beta. Until July was released, all the webmaster can use this function.

International positioning can What is the location of


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rel= "alternative" and "hreflang= X" (no return page) to remind the missing


here is the location with the map, but the language on the web page and the corresponding audience positioning. Such as the English page in the Google search results presented to the English, French and French speaking French pages presented to search users. This page presents to the audience’s expectations of language and geographic information is realized by the rel= "alternative" and "hreflang= X" these two labels.

rel= alternative" and "hreflang= X" label; how to use

language code error

?Many What is the "


mid July Google webmaster tools (noble baby Webmaster Tool) was added in a website optimization project, that is the international position (International Targeting). In the search flow (Search Traffic) "can see" international positioning (International Targeting)".


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