Net exposure Shanghai natural ranking can also love to spend money to buy

users and solitary marks: qichezhijia PC end Aladdin seems to spend 200 million.

about whether this information is true, remains to be the test of time, and I broke the news is true micro-blog users ID does not exist. But some of my own observation and comprehensive analysis of the circle of friends, find love Shanghai search manual natural ranking is indeed something, but like.

and I went to visit Lou loose micro-blog, found that some users in the comments below. See the comments of friends, it seems even if it is true, that is not what the first time. And that the car home to buy keywords ranking spent 200 million, as well as the hc360贵族宝贝 had done so with sogou.

today and see a message, if true, it means that in the near future, Shanghai dragon is worthless, and will be valuable to these search engines. This message is from the famous Lu Songsong personal blog blog. Micro-blog users @ right because you broke the news: HC international spending 50 million 800 thousand yuan to buy 1 years love Shanghai natural search results, how do you see? And say "love Shanghai Aladdin results can be distinguished by srcid, but love Shanghai publicly sell natural search results than Shanghai dragon lifting also ranked the price more expensive. 50 million 800 thousand, of which Shanghai Longfeng company dare to open such a high price. Shanghai dragon is too worthless, or the love of Shanghai the price too high?".

certified as "Winston vecuronium network department network promotion director Yang Honglin on the road: Well, my words, and the just signed the contract, but they didn’t get a lot of subjects, not to say, wait on the line. Seems to prove that the news is true.

Derhui_IC users: on the one hand, urge everyone to make the original, not excessive to search engine, do not over Shanghai dragon, affectation, on the other hand, the black box operation, even the natural ranking intervention — is when the bitch torii. Some time ago also love Shanghai serious progress!

washing sink _LAL HC: then began to sell the natural ranking, a B2C word home to the three position, as long as the money, hc360贵族宝贝 I will push you to the word natural ranking! This is the money to buy the Aladdin ranking and then to sell!! HC and Sogou started early do


has been, for many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual owners, through the search engine optimization, that is we often say that Shanghai dragon, is a relatively cheap to get traffic so as to achieve the purpose of website promotion method. It is precisely because of this, so the Internet there are a lot of people to study Shanghai dragon, thus the birth of a large number of Shanghai dragon Er, this group of people can be said to rely on search engine life every day, need to look at the search engine’s face. If your website operation rankings, will be very happy; if their operation site ranking dropped, may be particularly frustrating.

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