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IDC agent hell, can’t really say what good a bad liar, can continue to act as a good man to make only superficial changes. The webmaster in this environment how to space business preferred good? In many "double space" and "CDN" and "not IIS" and "CPU limit" in the case of people lost the mind. After all, the greater benefit, the development of the website can be better. But the stationmaster if you learn a little about it? What a server are not limited, but the equivalent of what have been restricted. Simply, if a server resources are you a person with light, others also went to the construction site what space? Only to drink the northwest wind. So the space business, first of all is to have a certain scale of use of their products. In general 100MB space =100 IIS website and so on. In the space business well-known theory in terms of stability, the most reliable network is, but the price is also the most expensive, but the construction of a non-profit website, also reluctant to hundreds of dollars.


webmaster, whether you have the experience of DNS palsy after trouble? DNS is an important component of Web sites, directly related to the normal operation of the website, and once the problem site will face a fatal blow. This year’s "love net, the new network DNS server paralyzed personally created hundreds of thousands of Web sites do not disappear overnight Internet Storm? I believe that many webmaster is visible before the eyes. Why would DNS server problems? Or server quality, the general case appears more "cheap" domain name merchants. Why the same domain name registration, some can be registered to more than 30 dollars, while others need more than 100 service providers? Not too sinister, the "DNS server" accounted for a large proportion of the same quality. Choose a good DNS service provider, we can see that the size of the price, cheap DNS service providers, to give up the DNS server quality does not say, is "rice farmers" choice, cybersquatting moment to believe that many will be unable to resolve the domain name server congestion. Of course, the price is on the one hand, the more important is the reputation of the industry, the size of the site, presumably the webmaster also understand that small service price is too high, there will be more people to buy.

DNS: a preferred service provider

space business preferredNow

how to judge the merits of a site? The first starting point has laid the foundation of the development of the website. The past website optimization Shanghai Longfeng Er has repeatedly stressed the need to select preferred server, domain name registration on the website optimization is very important. The owners are also aware of its importance, but today there is still a large number of owners is preferred in the hardware environment, but still cannot avoid being cheated "". For a space and prepare a case, a DNS crisis, hundreds of thousands of websites to die. In the face of search engine optimization crises, people are more cautious, today A5 optimization group to teach you how to choose the site hardware environment.

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