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is now 360 search momentum is very strong, but to fall in love with the sea in more than 50% of the market share is still the most important search engine for major domestic small and medium-sized webmaster Shanghai dragon. Then, with the changing market structure, love Shanghai to stationmaster’s attitude is also more clear, from the launch of Webmaster Platform to search, in further advances the webmaster.

the love Shanghai big coffee group communication can feel, love Shanghai recently in the search engine for the tool put a lot of effort, I have to ask the love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official of the station included whether to love Shanghai, they had the answer is influential. But in the end how much influence obviously also need to know personally in use. From the data sharing love Shanghai salon can be seen, the use of search sites in 1000 sampling, including the external search 914 site promotion is very obvious, and the index weight of website search even reached 995. (A5 search site logo should not be displayed, a buddy of the hit PP




a site, even if the index are built up, and then you come and tell me that Shanghai dragon, I just want to say, you are to engage in Siao

[around November 20th, busy with personal affairs not updated]

) Although

, standing outside the big search and search mechanism is to establish two sets of index, but the official data can be seen.



, of course, want to become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, you must first of all the major search engine provides Webmaster Platform tools in understand. Then, you have to talk about the so-called Shanghai dragon in front of everyone. Today, I also stand in a novice webmaster perspective, talk about one of the tools of love Shanghai in search for new sites benefits.


my site network calf began operating in October, through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform submitted sitemap, and my day has maintained high update frequency, but when I went to see my index, always make people so downhearted, I think this is very many webmaster experience. As a novice webmaster, look at the daily traffic statistics, brush Alexa Rankings, included the amount of site look at themselves into the daily tasks necessary. Until I learned through the blog of Lu Songsong love Shanghai launched search products, my calves really see the dawn of the net. The search starts from mid November to use the station, with sea index rising, within two weeks of the successful completion of the establishment of 300+ index database. This is for the new station, pie in the world, of course, cannot do without the diligent update. Below we talk:

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