Google webmaster tools can download the upgrade of the chain table

in Google webmaster tools, you can find a link to download the latest form "button, as long as you click the button, the chain you can download the latest Google found on your site, and the chain will be the time of sorting. The table is divided into two columns, one for the chain of the URL address, a column for the chain that time.


Simple and practical Google

download the latest link button

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You can now download links from *sorted by date*. Nice. Look noble baby for "Download latest links" inconsole UI. Pass it on

let’s look at a few screenshots of the



! function

Google recently on its Web site administrator tools to add a function, the function can let the webmaster see the chain of Google’s new found on your site, and you can click to download the chain table.

translation: now you can download according to the time ordered Google chain. Excellent。 You can find the "download the new link" button on the console interface. Try

Engineer Matt Cutts published the function of speech, he said: in the twitter

the latest list of links

Google administrator tools upgrade launched this report a link function is still relatively effective. You can get more intuitive understanding of the latest to get outside the chain by means of the function, and can be based on these data are what the chain for the site to help, also can determine where a link may cause punishment. This article from the original plastic bags 贵族宝贝czlichao贵族宝贝/, reproduced please keep the source.

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