Cherish the site safe from cheating optimization errors

in the search engine industry to survive, sometimes overnight on the website home page, sometimes disappearing overnight Not the least trace was found. for such ups and downs, many webmaster can’t stand, began to complain about the search engine. But the owners have not thought about, is not your site into errors in the optimization, the webmaster only familiar with the various cheating methods, misunderstanding can make a web site away from cheating optimization.

second: stay away from junk bridge. The website needs to optimize a large number of keywords, the webmaster to keyword density high, according to the different keywords to make a lot of meaningless, no quality of the content of the page, the page is accumulated in the construction of a large number of keyword anchor text, these pages are completely unavailable to users. Some owners in order to give to the promotion of the website to flow, at a large bridge page generated by soft, users came to the bridge when the page is unable to continue reading the bridge page, will enter other sites, then the webmaster and get to the flow. The search engine is very serious for bridge punishment, large BMW site used a large number of bridge, Google is also a punishment on it. So, cherish the stability of the site, stay away from junk bridge.

third: away from the accumulation of keywords. Keywords accumulation with bridge on the page is similar to that of the accumulation in the web page of keywords, no need to place, the accumulation of a large number of keywords, hope to pass through without considering the weight of keywords, website user experience. Keywords common cheating by: title, H tags, ALT tags, pictures in the content of the anchor text links, and even some hidden anchor text links. Website optimization keyword density need not too high, the density of 2%-8% can meet the weight of keywords. No correlation in the website page, a large number of accumulation keywords, will not increase the weight of the page, it will give the spider that is the technique of cheating, no need of the opposite.

first: stay away from junk links. "Content is king, the chain for emperor" optimization in the webmaster circle roots, the chain here is only natural to their sites from other external sites, leave the link place if weight high, you can pass to the corresponding weight. However, this link is not readily available, many owners in order to obtain more the number of the chain, leave your chain at any other sites, such as the chain blog, BBS signature of the chain, buy a lot of garbage outside the chain, the sprocket construction do meaningless, there are many owners in order to save directly, use the software to send the chain, the chain of the trash to the search engine, the effect is basically ignored, long-term use of link spam sites, will be punished by search engines, resulting in overnight site is K phenomenon is very normal. Therefore, the stable site, stay away from junk chain.

fourth: away from the hidden page. Many large websites in order to increase the amount of advertising website, hidden pages on search engines.

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