Love Shanghai optimization of high index latest share ranked fast dry cargo

sheet Daquan 贵族宝贝iz100贵族宝贝 please keep the link

snapshot encounter + high ranking:

2. today is the end of the month the number 27 (the end of the month heard there will be a big update)

Figure two: second days

Figure three: third days

Figure four: fourth days

dare say there might be a possibility of the following

(why so sure do love Shanghai to optimize the above points to the high index of the word brings aluminum veneer rank it fast. Because some time ago I basic a week to update 2 article pseudo original, but the chain basically no hair, the other didn’t do what.




This article in the first

4. is the last two days I have added 6 one-way links to more general station, station weight in the 0 to 1 of this range.


3. has just updated the original article simple (this is of course inevitable factors)


had never written a Shanghai dragon optimization article, this just by chance, let me touch on the map, so as to cut down, for your reference. The article is here, Shanghai dragon optimization insist on it personal feeling, and skills might be.

will do the above points. Look at the two day of single aluminum plate to the overall Shanghai love index over 300 words is how fast rising. See figure


Original author:


: a love station display single aluminum plate ranking because it is not updated, I just cut a figure of


fast index


love Shanghai snapshots

1. has just changed a love Shanghai promotion chain, see below.

this is my station a snapshot of more than 3 months since the fastest, I do not know what the reason is. (see figure

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