The key to optimize the site outside the chain is widely and diverse links

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search engine is so determined to improve the weight of the external links, then you should understand, if your web site outside of the chain widely degree is higher, more diverse, the effect brought by is also higher. If you are still the same as before, only the technician in IM286, A5, network owners forum, forum signature get such a single construction outside the chain, even if there are many hard-working you every day, the effect is very small. Or how will the Shanghai dragon WHY so many people ask them to build the chain a lot, but the site keywords ranking is so low, this is because the chain is single, lack of breadth and diversity.

we often say "content is king, the chain for emperor", showing the importance of the website chain, but our understanding of why the chain is so important but no clear concept of what. I have my own ideas here, the search engine that the weight of a web site, like us ordinary people see a celebrity, more people know it, its weight is higher, the search engine is the machine, it is how to judge whether a site known as fish much? Park edge website promotion website like this, this is from the external links on the site. If the site known, then this web site on the Internet shows frequent degree is higher, the more the number of the month is it known. So the website external links is to enhance the site weight in heavy weight.

recently and some friends to discuss the website construction of the external links, found a lot of people outside the chain of construction there is a misunderstanding, that is the chain website ranking method to improve it, this is actually in the distortion of the website external links on a website promotion on the role played by. For example, a few years ago, when Shanghai Longfeng, website optimization, website promotion these nouns we still relatively unfamiliar, Links always exists in the Internet, it has existed at the early stage of construction. What was not the search engine, not what our web site, the user is through the bottom of the site Links know a website. Now website external links have gradually fade out to users as the service object to turn to the search engine, which in my opinion is to go into a quagmire.

for example, site outside the chain is the same vote. Link to the website more number of links, that is to say this website to get more votes, so that a search engine will also pay more attention to this website, this website gives higher weight. Different website weight is different, so a ticket value will be different. One of the judges are like the show the audience vote than are the same, given a high weight website link quality is higher than the low weight of the site chain.

is not to say that as long as to do outside the chain of high quality, give up all the low quality of the chain. This neglect of the construction site outside the chain of extensive and diverse. So for example, if the site.

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