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love the Shanghai encyclopedia, news sources such as the need to do before the sex Shanghai encyclopedia entries, in which we can give up early, you can do Sogou encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, interactive encyclopedia Wikipedia Sogou and as well, we need not own research, many of these people do Taobao, the price range in 50-300, I think this is a little big things, this money can be invested.

on the Internet, a cattle enterprise not Niubi depends entirely on the Internet package, the negative news on the front page at least not brand, this situation has not yet appeared, of course, some time ago to see a person from the media is such negative news

4, micro-blog

know love

this is an industry of people from the media, the only reports are negative news, it can be said that some failure in the brand packaging do, of course I do not like the contempt for people from the media (or not, probably because of the mosaic) competitors can also make trouble, because there is really in love these are not caused by customer, we care, we look at how we protect your brand, and let the rave reviews


leave your links to your site has been unable to bring the weight in the rankings or love Shanghai products, so not to keep the significance is not great, say a link cost is big, because it is easy to delete your problem, so I think only need to leave the word brand, the price of about 2-5 Yuan before, Taobao has a lot to do with the expert.

of course is your own website enterprise website ranking, there is no doubt that it is to be ranked in the first place, under normal circumstances, do website automatically ranked in the first. But at least to have their own website, if the enterprise website.

5, enterprise ranking


if all of the above third party reports, too many people are more likely to think that this is your company specialized in packaging please do brand packaging, so you blowing again good, people do not think so, but if the home page with a micro-blog and a corporate blog ranking, to allow users to pay attention to you, but also can do the whole network marketing for enterprises based on the promotion of


normally, news report is divided into three categories, the first social activities, second well-known image packaging, third professional knowledge, of course, to package these words, as in the Taobao asked people to do it, the price of 10 yuan a piece about 10 reports is very cheap, but is the timeliness of news so, I think I’m doing better than ask people to do a good effect, and also reduces the cost of many, such as for the love Shanghai hundred, Sohu from the media platform from the media reports is a good way.

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.It is not good to do news reports screen!

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