Shanghai dragon win nine rules

traffic statistics seven, planning website, and regularly check the visiting statistics analysis. Analysis of visitors is through what keywords to explore whether these keywords for keyword optimization, the original plan, and check the flow of each keyword analysis. Recommended to understand key word design meets the browsing search habits, which keywords is better flow and flow and which are not to be discarded and keywords, and through which keywords the visitors have a better chance to become determined customers, all of these, are must spend time frequently check and adjust the time.

, a so-called "enemy," victorious, in addition to understand their own site conditions, also often go to the understanding of the planning analysis of the competition ranking situation, the website design and website optimization of the internal quality, internal links and external links… So, for all competitors of the advantages and disadvantages analysis, understanding and comparison, the more rapid increase planning design and grow their own website.

six, actively promote the increase of inbound links to opportunity, strengthen the internal links and external links of planning. As for other popular web sites or related websites to seek opportunities and achieve mutual links, external links, creating more opportunities to get better for your website ranking.

five, the website the best state is kept fresh, so if you can best be able to update every day, even every day a new article.

The design of

two, every day to check and track search engine rankings schedule and status, to understand and analyze the Website Ranking Ranking included causes of ups and downs. Love is the best tea network that according to every website ranking to record analysis, and comprehensive research insights on a network of Shanghai dragon ER or experts, understand the changes included the latest search engine algorithm. Each time point included key may slightly have the difference, according to the observation and analysis of search engines in which subtle changes, and then optimize the adjustment of Shanghai dragon.

four, regularly check the website if there is a problem. Static website design planning, check the web interface to the viewer is kind enough, whether browsing habits… Wait。 Check the overall condition of the site as often as possible, and will not be friendly interface or some of the error corrected, for example: check whether the site has the existence of the dead link, key design is reasonable, whether the normal operation of the link station friends… On the face of a part of the problem, immediately adjusted correction.

The internal structure of the

three, the search engine website love the original content, adhere to the original proposal, try to use their own creation, try to avoid to be copied or reproduced from the content of articles or other sites.

eight, often repeatedly check the website to add new pages indexed by search engines, search engine query content on the site included speed.

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