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optimization promotion can not really master? Yes, because of the different industry, the Shanghai Dragon technology also may be different, only for an understanding of the industry, to optimize this website, to maximize results. An industry involves very wide content, keyword mining, data analysis and writing content, if you are not familiar with the industry, can only to others website copy some articles, what kind of article is required by the user, there is a demand for the user, before doing that, you know, must have a deep understanding to the industry.

, save the time required to optimize


said some of the benefits of customers to help optimize, come to talk about how to let the customer to assist you, this must have the skills to achieve. Because many customers believe that their own money to call you to ask me to help you optimize, and will not do, in order to realize, must have a certain way. First of all, to help the customer call, tell him if you help, will make the keywords ranking faster, faster revenue; you said, many customers are willing to move, because if they ask you to help him optimization promotion, because want to have more of their own business sources. This time you have to do is teach him how to send the article, do not think that this is.

The article and the chain this

a website optimization mainly inside the station, must take to deal with practice every day. If the station issued a number of relatively high quality of the original article, because for the industry with a day may not write a few articles, and send the chain, almost half of the time spent on this website for a client station, if the fee less, to tell the truth, did a very unhappy, if with the assistance of the customer, at least will help you send articles, send the chain like, save you time optimization, Why not?

myself whether the original article, or copied from others, not to the understanding of the industry, to write out a little difficult, readable as can be imagined! If they help to write quality, certainly a lot, because of his own industry solutions, even the East copy West, copy, the article is than we pseudo original good, because they know more those articles to others is useful, they first think of the fast.

two, the high quality and readability of

so if a customer to cooperate, whether can let us make keyword optimization better? First, customers are very familiar with this industry, to write the article, the quality must be written out with us much, what kind of articles to the customer demand, what kind of products their own production companies, customers be aware of; and if a customer to help you send the article, you can save a lot of time, not only let oneself do easily, and can be keywords optimization up. The first is that the customers with what are the benefits of their optimization:

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