Details determine success or failure the chain should also be formulated differentiation

working time arrangements related to the progress of our optimization, how to make your face chain persevere, boring work every day, only a momentary impulse, no lasting passion is absolutely useless, it is easy to give up, then we should have a reasonable schedule, that is what we must do every day work a list of requirements, not too high, but must be performed every day; I feel there is a personal work plan every day, will allow to perform their best, the beginning may not adapt, but in the course of time has become a habit, then.

need to pay attention to the details of the outside chain is also very much, is not as simple as we thought, such as what kind of website can send the chain, what kind of website made easy to be deleted, what kind of website can be included, what kind of the chain of keywords ranking production function and so on, these small skills are worth exploring, here’s what the chain make how to do segmentation, to our work:

site optimization need to pay attention to many details, just started early, always feel not what Shanghai dragon, is content with the chain, the feeling is the chain keywords competition, who do more who have the advantage, but slowly we found Shanghai dragon in addition to the content and the chain in fact there are many worthy of our attention to the details for example, the website URL setting, website structure optimization, the use of nofollow, the selection of key words and so on, these details are on the website optimization is of vital importance.

, a collection of the chain resources

three, working time arrangements

chain is mainly divided into two stages. The first stage is a statistical release, how many keywords do outside the chain, the chain in the form of what was recorded, and then we through the analysis of the data, you probably know, what is the reason for keywords to row up, with the number of the chain up, this is very important for statistics; the second stage is observed after the release, a lot of friends through the chain regardless of it, we should go back to see how the quality of our hair, and whether it is deleted, delete the how to remedy it, these are summed up through statistics can, personally think that this process involves the keyword ranking trend to do you want long-term keywords ranking, analysis of this data is absolutely indispensable.

outside the chain of resources collecting and sorting each Shanghai dragon er must do, in order to improve the efficiency of our work, every day can take some time to look for the chain resources, the effect of the record can not be issued out, assumptions can collect 2 can send the chain resources one day, then doing a year has 730, this is very easy, because two of the chain resources did not spend much time, the chain classification will be sorted out, forum, catalogue, signature in order, when we release a glance.

two, released the chainThe statistics after the release of the

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