See Shanghai dragon from Shanghai dragon WHY rankings fall into second

then began last week, Shanghai dragon why ranking suddenly diving. More surprising is the forum and website at the same time diving, and second pages in eleven or so, this can not also reminds us we hate an insider: love Shanghai.

long before I have said that the special research on SE (search engine) such a relatively special industry, there is a risk is not expected, a set of SE is artificially designed software, although we can not fully aware of it, but the three together the top of Zhu Geliang. SE why specializes in Shanghai Dragon group in the stooges is more, and there are a lot of "senior stooges" (Professional), it is really a challenge for the SE algorithm, a large number of people trying to decipher and use its core technology, which is a kind of SE despite the threat, let’s say, SE algorithm is to say, he could give you T down to 100 pages, but on the Internet there are numerous websites, but also there are countless crazy to utilize SE algorithm and technology The special Shanghai dragon Er, SE to T so much, this time, Chinese words come in handy: gun fight bird, and Shanghai dragon why just was the only charge for a long time all day at the forefront of Shanghai dragon bird.

Shanghai dragon why forum signature: we can not say that the Shanghai dragon why forum signature to love Shanghai ranking to what great influence, because very little effect, that a signature and then he for their influence is very large, Shanghai dragon why inside the signature site no less than one hundred thousand (as it is the name of Shanghai dragon one hundred thousand) why. How many links are to people who can’t waste garbage site? Even those are love Shanghai punishment, bad, vulgar, virus and so on white SE focus on website Le, Shanghai dragon why signature is a bottle of chronic poison, erosion is a bit himself.


As long as the

of course, love Shanghai artificial aside, Shanghai dragon why diving also has some natural factors. For example, Shanghai dragon why forum signature.

is concerned about the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) is known, has been a result, Shanghai dragon the keyword has been ranked first in Shanghai Longfeng why this site, of course, sometimes love will flee to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the first, we do not do this.

a lot of people say, Shanghai dragon why Cardiff is very powerful, indeed, technically, we only without any words to her husband, a word of Shanghai dragon so fierce competition in Shanghai to keep the first love noble baby, this is not like some of the so-called Shanghai dragon master that blowing out. Then only seems to forget the importance of Shanghai dragon public relations, first of all, I think he is not a master, so no >

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