n September the global search engine market share 7 versions of noble baby list



1 can be learned, in September the global search engine market share ranking order is Global, Yahoo noble baby – – Global, Bing, Baidu, AOL – Global, Ask – Global, Lycos – Global, Excite – Global. Among them, the noble baby – Global share is as high as 67.49%, far ahead of many of the world’s search engine, no one can shake the position of hegemony.


(Figure 2) from April 2015 to September, the global search engine market share chart

IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on October 10th reported: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in September the global search engine market, champion – Global nobility baby share growth turned positive, an increase of 0.74% from last month, rose to 67.49%. In addition, Yahoo – Global and Bing were runners up, last month, ranking 22 swap. Below, IDC network will review the detailed analysis of the relevant data.

(Figure 1) in September the global search engine market share distribution

in addition, the market share of Global and Bing – Yahoo curves almost overlapped, both the competition is fierce. In September, Yahoo and Global share rose to 10.77%, an increase of 0.73% from last month; the share of Bing dropped to 10.67%, a decrease of 0.13%. Then, the Yahoo – Global to 0.1% of the slight advantage over Bing, second.

in comparison with the previous month, ranking change slightly: Yahoo – Global to achieve transcendence, beat Bing won second ring, ranking 1, Bing slipped to third. From the share, Yahoo – Global was 10.77%, Bing was 10.67%, a difference of only 0.1%, ranking may swap again visible at any time.

fine picture 2, in the last half year period (April 2015 to September), the search engine -Global and nobility baby love Shanghai’s market share has been a shift in the trend of development. Among them, the noble baby -Global shares fell in August and rose in September, an increase of 0.74%, reached 67.49%, ranking first. Fall in love with the sea on the contrary, in August the share rose fell in September, a decrease of 1.11%, fell to 8.13%, ranked fourth, compared to April fell by 2.

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