Shanghai Longfeng practitioners switched before the interview we should be well prepared

second, the best systematic analysis for each website. Many enterprises will be given in the recruitment of the tail recruitment information of their company’s website, the website may be the company’s official website or days after we have targeted the optimization of the site, this time I think it is necessary for us to analyze and understand the details of others website, what are the main products we have each other? Can the analysis of its own to do the work in the future, to see if they have not fully grasp to do these things, be aware of our key to success is the first big interview, if the site is on to the optimization of the target station, we’d be able to analyze, think the site problems or shortage of all the record, make full preparations for our interview, as any enterprise want to recruit staff To solve the problem, if we can will give the interviewer First impressions are strongest, left a very good impression. This is the successful entry of astepping-stone to success.

third, the interview process must be very confident. We know that website optimization is a very competitive occupation, as a webmaster every day we face a lot of pressure is very normal, we must not be discouraged in the time of the interview, if it is new and we have a very strong desire and ability to learn, if there is the experience of Shanghai dragon Er we can to optimize the case before us as we increase the confidence of the weight, so it must be very confident in the face of the interviewer, but in and of.

first, a careful analysis of the recruitment of new demand to enter the industry. The Internet every day a large number of recruitment requirements, as we can not see the information ready, the author thinks that in the interview prior to the detailed analysis of operating conditions and recruitment requirements of the company, to see whether they have the ability to do other work, look at each other to provide benefits to meet their own requirements? These details are we before the interview must conscientiously sum up and analysis, since it is sure that the others are hiring optimization problem, see the recruitment needs if it is only required in the Shanghai Dragon Square site has been very perfect, as long as we can adjust the strategy of thinking, if the other party will go to ASP, and PHP skilled use of CMS and so on, the other may also in the planning of the establishment of a new site, to see if they have to do stand experience ? after a clear analysis based on their ability to resume delivery is very necessary.

as everyone knows, the website optimization work most of the time due to various reasons had to put down now to choose a new job, as I have experienced before the optimization work for the situation, the author suggests that it is best not to cannot but quit, the cost is very high, new industries, new start, new challenges sometimes, as in the original blind jump platform initiative, because the company or similar value the owner, if you think it is time to leave, I give you some advice to quit.

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