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in the early development of the Internet, Tim Berners Lee created the first web site is hosted on the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on the server. Later, Tim cited the other sites in this site, there are records of 1992 is a historic snapshot. But as more and more server line, this list could not be updated in the new server since then on the line, will appear in the NCSA Mosaic a "What" s New "classification.

Although Shanghai has been abolished

first, and whitehand together understand what is the search engine.

love referer, but the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, still indispensable. Because Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in order to make the site more suitable for the search behavior, bring traffic to your site naturally. As the saying goes, the enemy, baizhanbudai, below, and consists of a search engine to meet up.

search engine is a keyword in the search box, direct input the required information, can be obtained from the software system in the Internet and search words related information. Usually, the search results will appear in the search results page, search information, may be ", may be the image, may also be other types of files. For real-time maintenance updates to the site, in most cases, it is our website optimization, search engines will be sent to capture real-time updates website crawler algorithm based on certain information. However, the search engine in the early stage of development, and no existing website crawler.

then, let us look at the development of search engine early.

was first used to provide search service tools on the Internet when Archie, the symbol "Archive" name, which does not contain the letters "v". This tool is made of Montreal city McGill University computer science student Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J.Peter Deutschz in 1990. They downloaded all the files on the FTP site anonymous public directory list, create a file name to search the database. However, due to the limitation of data, Archie can index the content of the site, only manual search.

1991, Mark McCahill created the Gopher system. It is the emergence of two new search procedures for -Veronica and Jughead- was born. Similar to Archie, the file name and the title of the two search search program can be included in the Gopher index system. The Veronica provides a keyword search service in most directory Title Gopher list, Jughead is from a specific Gopher server access menu >.

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