How do the Google Shanghai dragon chain

is the world’s largest search engine, for the optimization of foreign trade is not strange, since the 2011 launch of Google panda algorithm and the penguin in 2012, many sites affected. Google Shanghai dragon chain optimization is indispensable, a link to the website to cast a vote, the more votes, description of your site recognition is high, below I will talk about Google search optimization.


two, outside the chainThe

many Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner of the chain chain must have content, where the content of these? There are a lot of people is to copy the peer site content, and then put the keywords to your links, then bring your own links to articles, became a chain, actually such links no meaning, maximum charge quantity, and the person is to copy a related articles, and then randomly inserted keywords in the article in 2012 April, Google launched the penguin algorithm, hit a lot of garbage sites, in 2012 July, Google management staff official blog blog, hit page keywords and the contents of the article are not Fu ", so many webmaster to send outside the chain, is not good for the site, but the impact of the ranking results.

The weight of

, a chain of the content of

solution: the establishment of high power high power blog, blog >

chain also has weight, we all know that Google is very fair, the home page and two pages together as the kernel, many made the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon did not pay attention to this point, is the most mass, the reverse link growth of their website, the most common mass resources are comments, a good tens of thousands, the effect is certainly there, if Google is found, the website ranking will certainly disappear, serious will K station, this can also be seen as a means of black hat, is a master of one batch station, this number dropped, and a number of new sites, the idea is to spend a few days in the home also, there will be a few days of profit.

solution: foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng staff can go to the Chinese website to find the article, the Chinese articles translated into English, this is a false original, although no statement is unreasonable, readable, so the webmaster to note that this article can only be published in some low weight, Alexa website ranking is not high, but included also websites, because this website reader is not much, even published the readability of the article, the reader is still quite small, this method can escape the Google algorithm, because Google not to detect whether the contents of your article fluent, but he will detect the bounce rate of this article, for example this article is the customer came in from Google, so users on this page for long, no readability, the user does not look too long, so that the general situation included The resource is not high popularity website can use this method, so the high weight, high ranking website Alexa website, you need to publish high-quality articles, you can use your own site of the original article, and with the source address.

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