Shanghai dragon Combat long tail word ranking strategy to grab the prophet

home page ranking early in the website keywords we will have a long-term perspective, not to the immediate interests and give up the extension effect. This is mainly reflected in many websites in order to quickly upgrade the website main keywords ranking in the short term, only for the user experience and the will all focus on the main keywords, without any special layout to flow the long tail word for future ranking preparation. Such a situation caused by the website main keywords ranking is good, but the other did not only promote vocabulary and even extended vocabulary keyword ranking is a bleak.

at the same time, we also know that words can not be home to place too much, because it will spread web page weight, thus not enough weight to consolidate the keyword ranking. It’s like we talked about before the use of special to do. Whether this will solve the problem of the long tail word? It is impossible.

ranking, mainly in the main target keywords ranking stability, thus to drive up. Do the long tail word ranking optimization important is a "quantity", namely the number of long tail words. If you want to do before the massive long tail word ranking optimization, main keywords ranking in the target host, will change to part of the page, and this is bound to affect the main keywords ranking, sometimes also have been ranking good sites disappear, so will not gain. It should be how to do


is the long tail keywords can bring traffic to the site, most of the time we are with the target words to drive the long tail words, think it can save cost. From this point of view, the author Dennis also agree. However, is not to say that good target key words long tail can drive up, it also needs our strategy layout. Let the target main keywords and long tail words flow go hand in hand is the most ideal effect website ranking optimization. Today the author Dennis the Shanghai dragon combat to analyze the case, is to tell you how to flow the long tail word ranking strategy.

whether the main keywords or long tail word for keywords ranking, the first step is to do keywords positioning, which is for the key words. The long tail word is massive, so the choice depends on our home page keyword layout selection. We should choose the choice of keywords that flow medium, the degree of competition is generally not popular industry >

website early positioning, it should pave the way for the optimization of site traffic and the long tail word ranking, which is our analysis of many competitors website, found a lot of no use, can enhance the user experience of the forum topic. They seem to influence the site optimization speed, but in the long run, this is for the long tail word do foreshadowing. To optimize the long tail word placed in the forum topic, will not affect the current goal of the main keywords ranking, but because the early stage here, so don’t worry because the section of the transfer have been ranked good grasp of the keywords appear large floating.

The flow of the long tail word traditional impression When

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