Analysis of the importance of the Shanghai dragon absolute address

of absolute address and relative address I believe we all have an understanding, absolute address is my own website such as www.***贵族宝贝, because of the WP program, is an absolute address, for example 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ Shanghai / Shanghai dragon dragon Zhilu, this address is the absolute address, and "/ / Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon Zhilu" this address is a relative address, and on the absolute address and relative address what is good about.

the problem exists in the company now on the site, while the website brand on the way, there is a problem about nofollow, about the nofollow, China Ping said, in the noble baby, nofollow with good, can improve the site traffic by at least 30%, the efficiency of the use of nofollow greatly improve the spider crawling, then add your site and the weight, and these are their Alibaba international station to see, this is also provided, as well as on the no>

on the site, optimize your website, like the manager asked about the web of things, one is the absolute address and relative address things, there is a nofollow thing about for two, although it is one of the details of the knowledge, but I explained that it is very important for us the details of the knowledge.

3. in my opinion, it’s not the point, the key is an absolute address can increase the weight of the site, as we all know, a weight high website can get se trust, can greatly improve ranking, for example with WWW and without www there are many relationship, if space can not do 301 so, just do the absolute address, too many benefits.

2. with the absolute address can prevent the site is mirror, a lot of friends all say how does the absolute address, website, the mirror is tangled, mirrored, two web content is as like as two peas, so if you do an absolute address, the link will belong to you.

company to do a brand out recently, website has been coming out, when he is now take look at some details of the industry Web site optimization knowledge, in articles always have the feeling, always mention some aspects of the situation of industry website, always say a note on some optimization the baby about noble website quality guidelines, the see saw, then we think where you can do but I didn’t do it, this knowledge is very strong, learning is a very important aspect.

1. is the first link, if you of an article in the other copy of the past, as long as the format is not clear, the absolute address will keep inside the absolute address link, and if a relative address, then this link will not chain back to your station.

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