How to optimize the results twice to make you

second, what kind of taste to attract users. There is a saying: out of one thousand eyes of one thousand Hamlett. This sentence tells us everyone’s eye is not the same. We do website optimization, the most important is to win the attention of the user, to improve website traffic. We must grasp the needs and preferences of most people. We are not money, so everyone is not love. When we put the user in the Internet to meet the needs of the site will be able to attract users, how to grasp the user’s preferences, every webmaster needs to think and analyze.

site so many different kinds of universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, and no matter what type of website, when the station optimization and stood outside optimization have to examine the actual situation, according to the actual problems after careful analysis and accurate data (if in before optimization without thinking, the latter will have great loss). I just started to understand the optimization problem is not thorough, think, always torment yourself, don’t change an angle to think, thinking and analysis from very far away from me, for this reason, my website ranking very sad. In retrospect, I blame did not do a comprehensive thinking, then sum up, thinking and analysis is a part of the web site optimization must not be missing. Here we consider optimization from the website:

to consider from communication:

communication in Shanghai Longfeng is very important, reason is: put forward a good proposal for an ordinary website, if not leaders adopt vain. Some people would think so, because each of us sees the problem "

first calculate keywords bring traffic to the site. Keywords optimization is the basic elements for the website, which is the most difficult one of the most important work, because the keywords represent the search will show who love Shanghai website. In the choice of keywords, owners may choose more popular keywords, because of such key competitiveness is much smaller, and when the user search these keywords, ranking will be in front. The front, the more the number of users click on the site to bring traffic, the more.

third, from the essence of dross. Every webmaster dream is to make your website ranking, how to accomplish this dream? That is the enemy can! Early to a web site, why then thinking more seriously and the analysis of the competition site will row in front of you, they use what kind of method. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the site, and then compared the use of the advantages of.

fourth, always pay attention to changes in the diligent search. Every webmaster every day to face the search engine, now Shanghai is the mainstream of the optimization of our love, like men and women in love, are related to each other every day the mood is happy, whether on the back. Every day love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, if do the adjustment we must first think, rather than blindly let troubled website optimization.

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