From watching the CBA games Lenovo to Shanghai dragon optimization promotion

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the second is to mobilize the force of every member, single-handed it is very hard for a team to play the extreme, is attracting network website construction company in Shanghai Zhang reminded me of a boss said: "people are no longer in much, but in essence," Shanghai dragon team some on the surface looks very strong, but everyone is half bucket of water, not a LED niubable man, the Shanghai dragon will muddle along without any aim no goal, no direction, and do things very passive, when executing the project that never see the successful place. From the view of optimization of Shanghai dragon, the implementation of the project should be:

Shanghai, not a leader, are to play on their own, must work efficiency is relatively low, everyone has inertia, there is no system without management, will lead a team leader has become lazy, not only to the real force in Shanghai Dragon technology, but also in terms of management and distribution of things "

although it is only a total of CBA level competition, but from the configuration and play from the player can be associated to the familiar Shanghai dragon, is the first leader of the importance of Marbury’s organizational ability, passing ability should be better than Smith, and Smith from the entire game, mainly on their own, although she got 40 bit shooting, but lost a lot of people, also very tired, let the whole team had produced dependence; in fact Shanghai dragon is also so, no matter how the team leader, the Shanghai dragon must have certain ability, but also have the ability to manage and distribute the work, although very difficult to achieve equality however, they have to let each member of the team will not have too much, to have some skills in the allocation of work, not what things are made by To handle, so that not only can let oneself very tired, but the effect is poor, this is for us to play the strength of the team, to meet the challenge.

, a Shanghai dragon team

CBA watched the game last night, today also CCTV live, lead a person to endless aftertastes, Marbury led the Beijing team against JR Smith led the Zhejiang team, two are NBA players, though a bit too old, but in terms of technology than JR newbier, especially his passing and breakthrough ability in China or no one to stop, while the JR explosive is a lot of friends love, when his hand to play out, even NBA players also did not get his way, see the game on the way to victory over Beijing.

a person single-handed power is always limited, if there is a team work, then play the power must be greater than one, although many webmaster start-up no money, but we can find some like-minded friends to get together, everything is hard in the beginning, from the start, slowly build a Shanghai dragon team, this like the basketball game, one team will never laugh at the end.

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