Four methods of obtaining high quality Links the webmaster

we all know when the site of the spider crawling, are top down. However, a link to the poor quality of the website, always appear at the bottom, rather than at the top. We each station location determines the height of our life. If you are willing to stand in a very prominent position, then your life is no sparkle. Only a wonderful life, it is worthwhile to live in the world. However, the ideal of everyone is not the same. So long as we seize the opportunity to achieve their own life ideal can be. Links will appear in different positions. Owners do not have to think about how to find a good Links, then spend time and energy are wasted. No matter what we do things well, must make their own satisfaction. For every webmaster can use Links to improve site traffic and weight. However, Links often do some useless links. Therefore, we must learn to distinguish what is high quality Links. The weight of a web page is quite good, but also their own website and the correlation is strong, you can choose to do Links. If only the weight of the inside pages is good, can give up. Because the weight of the inside pages is not stable, will drag on the website. Only in the top of the spider web site, you can produce high quality Links.

on the Internet, many webmaster through Links to increase website traffic, of which there are many spam links, not many owners are willing to recognize. Because Links to the quantity, rather than quality. However, we have not thought about: quality is the most important. If there is no quality, quantity is a piece of garbage. So, what kind of Links is high quality? Links is in line with the following words, is pretty good.

: the first source of quality Links on top of the link.

second: set different plates, Links quality will be different.

on the Internet than in the real life, did not see the reality, it will produce a feeling of being cheated easily. There are a lot of the website is dedicated to cheat Links, they just do their own Links, help others do not. There are many kinds of methods, but also is varied. We didn’t see these silly tricks for others to do the wedding dress. Everyone’s pay is not free, but a little return. If the other side of the web plate is set by the other methods, we should be more careful. For example, the other Links with pictures, address, code and so on, is likely to be a Links. These links are to deceive people. Because we do Links is written. Many owners do not know these things can be linked, but do a one-way connection. One-way links is only for people to do, not to do the link. If we just for himself to do, not for the sake of each other, it will cause selfishness. A selfish person, no one will love. Because selfish people will not only damage your trust.

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