The coming stormin Google technology upgrade speculation Shanghai Longfeng influence


search engine is excellent gradually building their own content system is killing two birds with one stone, one hand to get rid of too much "by excessive Shanghai Longfeng superior, keyword search results are not related to the content of the virtual, greatly reduce the search time of user cost, not only can establish a good user experience, to further curb the clamor of the Shanghai dragon gradually over technology application guide, many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER go" content is king "of the way, can also win more advertising market for themselves, and further consolidate its position in the industry.



now Google has in some search.

Chinese Google in the search engine market share "Wangxiao new year, year has shrunk dramatically, in addition to the foreign trade English station, Google China, website is more and more small, but it is certain that major changes as the search engine Google world industry big boss that" days of the earthquake "is a" ripple ", will completely rewrite the entire search engine industry rules.

According to technology blog Search Engine

reported that Google will upgrade the major technology to combat excessive Shanghai dragon There was no parallel in history., behavior (picture)

only in the Google provided content cannot meet the user search based on Google to provide more excellent website content recommendation. This means that all sites regardless of your content is excellent, Google search traffic will be reduced.

future "the largest in the history of technology upgrade" what are the main influence on Shanghai dragon? We can according to foreign reports, according to Google, the Matt Cutts administrator and other authoritative experts always stand to look at.

, the two report clearly pointed out that Google search engine will not give up the existing keyword search (keyword ranking) technology, but it is no longer satisfied with the bridge between users and build quality of the contents of the website, it will gradually build their own excellent content system, directly in the search return page display users the required content directly, meet user needs to search.


after the "Wall Street journal" in the next few months, Google will be the largest ever upgrading technology reports, foreign media quoted the technology blog Search Land reported Engine confirmed that Google technology upgrade message. And clearly pointed out that Google plans to punish the excessive use of search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) technology website.

Land reports, Google anti spam group leader Matt Cutts said: "in the search results, Google hopes to" excessive use of technology Shanghai Longfeng site and have excellent content of fair competition ".

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