Some spiders can’t love Shanghai climbing problem caused by the firewall

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e-commerce sites, in addition to considering how to carry on the daily operation, also need to carefully guard against some villain behavior, such as at the end of September, due to the company’s website has taken some new measures in the bidding, and strive to ranking, and soon the site suffered massive DDOS attacks, sometimes often there will be CPU full, and customers to enter our website requires a very long time, the average open a page takes more than 10 seconds, the user experience, is definitely a bad thing, not to mention the crash when short attack by surges caused by the.

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about a month ago, the site had a Amoy K net more shocking, the index is love Shanghai statistics inside suddenly plunged nearly more than 2000 index, then after site troubleshooting, most likely because the installation of a called "safety dog" software the problems caused by the time because of the problems found earlier, so even if there is a short period of time the site right down, will soon be solved.

in order to deal with such things to happen, the management of the company to take immediate measures, the purpose is to solve the problem as soon as possible, do everything possible to prevent these DDOS attacks continue to occur. So the network management personnel immediately installed safety dog allegedly can prevent 90% network attacks, after using the software, the attack immediately decreased significantly, and then through the method of adding malicious IP, over a period of time the company website runs smoothly, and even survived the October 1st -10 month 7 days of the sale peak.

last week, almost the same situation appeared again, but this time in Shanghai love index did not appear big sell-off, but hundreds of index was cut, but the consequences are that some two domain names appear drop right phenomenon, fortunately also can be found in time, then quickly solve problems finally, those who are right down to the two level domain, will soon appear on the Shanghai in search of love.

is the first problem, because of the use of security dog problems may intercept some spiders, but the second is that we remain perplexed despite much thought, why? What causes these happen? Because of the emergence of the problem, possibly because of the use of DNS the acceleration of tool – "love Shanghai to accelerate the music", and this tool is love Shanghai’s products, but also in the product description, have clearly stated that the use of "love Shanghai accelerated music" is beneficial to the spider climb…… But a short right down the situation is indeed happening, so we can only remove this product, restore normal DNS, is also a temporary solution, but there are still some sequelae.

1, using a firewall products

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but when we passed the 10> good times don’t last long.

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