Search engine optimization problems of small and medium enterprises website

two: website content and text

three: home is a pure flash animation

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website forum, at present a lot of enterprises online for product details page presents some of the are a product and then add a few words with scanty. To know the search engine, a picture is just a string of binary numbers, do not know the picture. But a few of the introduction of the product enterprise itself is a simple word. This led directly to the search engines know you cannot from this page to determine the text keywords, then how will have good rankings? The author suggests that the management of the administrator should describe product information from various aspects in the input products, not just simple words, one recommendation and do related products.

head and tail information refers to the page title, keywords (title) (keywords) and page description (description), the direct consequences is that even if the major search engines to your page, but also will not get good rankings, and the user experience is not good.

some business owners through the some website optimization promotion training, eager to come back in their own online crazy stack some of their key and most probably it did not actually happen, opinionated in all the article page high-density deployment of keywords, key words more feel better effect. In fact, what is what to say in an article file you are not the words, but the search engine through out the judgment of you. The author suggests the keyword deployment density is 3%-8% wonderful, only a stack effect too much backfire.

although the current small and medium enterprises increasingly begin to pay attention to the site optimization and promotion, but only for the enterprise site itself optimization is less and less. This led directly to the user through the search engine to your website, but because the site itself open slow or can not find customers want to know the information directly off the site. This leads to invest large sums of money to do the bidding promotion but the reward is almost zero. So the author examines the current network of small and medium enterprises, summed up the current Chinese some small and medium enterprises network optimization of several problems of easy mistakes.


this type of website in foreign trade website, are generally open the page, there is a very cool flash animation, 10 seconds after playing several "into the home" and "Chinese version" "English version" button. As we all know, the search engine is unable to identify the flash, in other words, search engine to see you like this website without any text information. As can be imagined, how can the search engine included your site

: a website all pages of the head and tail of the information is almost the same

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