Co citation and anchor text will coexist who will not replace the WHO

recently the topic on the common reference function is quite much, in fact, this is not what new things. In fact, I remember love Shanghai founder Robin Li analysis in the hyperlink inspiration is from the common reference, then thought of citation. I like to write a culture, you need to refer to what celebrities in view or discussion, this reference is more proof of your authority. Robin Li later put this idea into the search engine, a hyperlink analysis. I am such a judgment, in fact, search engines have been developed to can not link can also be judged, but at that time may not have such technology, need to link. Because now the semantic analysis, intelligence has made great progress than at the time, for everyone to see a case you will understand.

you search MA in Shanghai love news, appeared in the characters associated with the event in person, in which characters completely beyond the keyword category, with this word, no point between ma. We love Shanghai is how to judge, we look at the pictures will know. Estimation of love Shanghai is having a character library, so that you can Statistics recently this time MA and which character is often in the news source in the website, according to the number of display is good. Of course, that although the performance is relatively small, but it can be argued that this technology is love Shanghai. Even can also determine the relationship through the link, I think this is a common reference to it, I believe the future will add some ingredients in semantic analysis.


but heard someone said it replaced, I do not agree, we should proceed from the nature of their functions. If you go to Shanghai to see love encyclopedia anchor text, anchor text there is what is the role of the anchor text to explain the main function. As I mentioned just out of a new entry in the Wikipedia, we may not know what is the meaning of it, I need to add a keyword in the anchor text, let the need to understand the meaning of the word people click on the past, this is the essential meaning of the anchor text. The common reference may be this: I like this article: CO citation and anchor text will coexist who will not replace the who, if it is to this article and link, others mentioned in another article, it is called lead >

is now the technique should be useful to you in love, such as Shanghai Shanghai dragon, right other people also found what lists five results. Five results are website optimization, Shanghai dragon blog, long tail keywords, site map, 28 of these five words actually push four has been completely out of Shanghai dragon itself word retrieval. I believe there are factors of anchor text, reference factors, semantic factors analysis, I want to say is the common reference now is very important, its weight is not less than the anchor text. Due to the emergence of new technology, the old nature is the impact of the weight of anchor text is diluted is normal.

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