Also on the question of whether shlf1314 Adsense will deduct taxC round dies B dies A dies No VC

For those who have

therefore, the withholding policy will not change as long as the payment entity is unchanged i.e., payment is made to the publisher’s shlf1314 headquarters.


investment agency competition,

so you can see that veteran investment institutions like IDG are also launching a Sino US campus entrepreneurship competition to get close to potential entrepreneurs. You know, Cai Wensheng said that when he met IDG’s investors in 2004, he would be excited to go to bed all day and night, but now it’s gone forever.

just read the webmaster online shlf1314 AdSense China how to change a text, the article point of view is, shlf1314 Adsense realize local payment, will deduct tax, quote the original text as follows:


is my own experience, some entrepreneurs participated in the roadshow, also found that the organizers announced in advance and the actual participation in the project of digital team number is not consistent, then asked to know, because the organizers really can not obtain enough to stage presentation from the application of project team.

is the money paid by an American company, not shlf1314, China, the business between shlf1314 and its publisher is governed by the laws of the United states. According to US law, the publisher does not withhold sales tax or income tax because it does not conduct business in the United states.

and the collection of personal income tax in accordance with the law China, UnionPay will not do profitable business, cash? Chinese bank always has, therefore, tax deduction is inevitable, but this is not how much tax deduction, we can guess, see the results of negotiations between bosses and silver Adsense combination!

In addition to approaching potential entrepreneurs earlier, Since

not long ago, Wang Ran, founder of easy Kay capital, blue venture partner Chen Weiguang and nine Xuan Capital Partners Liu Yizhou, respectively, discussed why entrepreneurs should be wary of C round, B round and A die. So, if startups in A, B, and C are so easy to die, then will it be the turn of the investment agency,

publishers owners registered in Adsense, is registered in the shlf1314, and shlf1314 Inc the American shlf1314 company signed the agreement online, rather than shlf1314 China, from the official website of Adsense address is https://s.shlf1314/adsense/ to see that the publisher is dealing with shlf1314, but not

from the previous line, the use of UnionPay to pay, then Adsense will deduct taxes, which we can boldly assert, shlf1314 Adsense is definitely withholding tax, the Eight Route Army like to eat.

investment institutions

for institutional investors, now is a good time, because in a people business atmosphere, there are enough people to join the business boom, which means that there are enough items can be selected. Even so, one of my friends lamented, "now there are too many incubators and investment institutions, and entrepreneurs are not enough."".

also has the choice of investment firms to work together to provide more resources for entrepreneurs, thereby improving their competitiveness in getting good projects. Like innovation works, it real fund and long lead investment co sponsored the competition in fact belongs to this kind of.

of course, in addition to the above this kind of cost and resource requirements are relatively high way more and more investment institutions will choose some relatively simple operation and effective manner, such as seeking more exposure in the media.

follows the quote:

investment institutions, resources and capabilities, they certainly do not want to fall into the endless competition, so naturally will think of how talent shows itself earlier and faster, in order to get the best start-up phase of the project.

when the investment institutions are more and more, the competition between them will naturally be more intense. If the list will turn orange IT investment institutions found that institutions between angels and the start of the investment competition is particularly fierce. Some institutions even only for the two stages of the start-up companies, after all and not every institution has the resources and ability of enterprise to follow up the C round, D round of financing needs, and follow up the angel or A round need much less money and resources.

Changes in

here, let me tell you what I think. I don’t think shlf1314 Adsense will pay tax. The reasons are as follows:

and shlf1314 China is what role? In shlf1314 Adsense this business, shlf1314 China only provides local customer technical support services, and do not participate in the operation shlf1314 Adword business is composed of agents, so the positioning of shlf1314 China should be a foreign company’s local service team. From the shlf1314 Adsense payment methods, whether it is the previous check, or now the Western Union fast remittance, payment per capita is shlf1314 headquarters in California, America, and pay to the publisher is not "shlf1314 China."". The business relationship remains a deal between shlf1314’s headquarters and its publisher, rather than shlf1314, even after it has been paid by the local bank.

, one of the obvious questions is: small investment institutions with little resources in hand

three, Adsense after the realization of local payments, will withhold tax,

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