How the Nuggets in the huge flow of long tail keywords

1, long tail keywords mining


If The main

2, how to promote the long tail word page

if only through the search engine in this way cannot satisfy us, we can also download some long tail word mining tools, these tools are generally to love Shanghai cooperation, or that there is love Shanghai backstage account, then do what the interface. I never used to love Shanghai promotion account, do not know the actual situation. Love Shanghai promotion account should be every word, even if it is the long tail word can query to the index. If we love free, go to the next strong point tool. If we have sufficient capital, to buy a love Shanghai account, but not to the consumer, only check the subject or the long tail word index. This would better dig into the long tail keywords.

mining long tail keywords can be said to be Shanghai dragon Er most need to learn a lesson. Because the main keyword is through love can query to the search volume index in Shanghai. But long term, because the flow rate is less than 50, the Shanghai index in the query is not love out. Here is my personal how to dig the long tail word method. First of all, of course, is still not out of love for Shanghai, because individuals have been engaged in the valve industry, the valve as an example, I fell in love with the sea is to do so. For example, the first search ball, then there will be a drop-down box valve type, valve ball pictures, such as the role of key words, these words can be said is not what we want the long tail word. This time, we will search the ball valve model, will be found in the drop down box has not, and search for the following will be out of plastic ball valve model, three ball valve type, this word is basically the long tail word. But this word search volume is very small, this time, we will do the layout of the page keywords. The article is written with the hadronic beauty Lele BBS as we can in a page layout, three long tail words, these words is not only a small deposit, but also to echo for each keyword, add role. We don’t give each word to underline is connected with the space on the line. Because underline connected, is the obvious trace of Shanghai dragon. There are many articles in the said don’t let search engine easily know our site is optimized. Then change the arrangement of words in ways and did not hide traces in Shanghai dragon. Of course, this is a small point, but what we need is to perform.


of all walks of life, a variety of keywords, can be said to have a fixed pattern. It is in front of several Wikipedia, then is a large site or platform. Then those who spent money to buy high quality chain or hired people do in the optimization of the site. It can be said that the main keywords to optimize it now, not what chance. And the long tail keywords or long words can be said to be a huge gold deposit, waiting for us to dig. So how can we find a bit of gold in this

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