How to build a website architecture to perfect for website optimization

I have to share here in the real network in the framework of the Ning


website architecture, do not know how to start, leading to some websites even by the K, then we need a rational website architecture a concept and optimization theory.

Optimization webmasters are unsuspectingly

5. website construction is good, good inside chain can reduce the work load of the spider, easier to grab included our website. So the chain construction, we want to work hard. In the chain, the Ning housing network, it is a hard work, to repair, repair change.

In the chain of

different industries have different website structure, we can not see other people’s good structure, they moved to their own websites, perhaps for they may not be suitable for us. Because the website structure hardly affects the fate of the site. So we need to be cautious.

3, the bread crumbs function is to tell the user they present in the website of the position and how to return. So we should pay attention to when the allocation of bread crumbs, to clear enough, let the user be able to understand, at the same time a good breadcrumb path, related topics will entice users to click on a page to browse interest. In this way, thus can reduce the site’s overall bounce rate.

6. single page link is too much, the general search engines recommend a page of links most number between 100-150, too much is not conducive to crawling, of course if your website.

1. of the search engine on the dynamic grasp is not very ideal, dead links, procrastination URL will make a site to the search engine friendly state. So our first step to check our network in existence like: there is no flash, URL there is no static drop. Repeat the page, whether submitted a dead link and so on. For example, the Ning real home network without flash, the more the more let the spider grab and included.

4. spiders crawl content is the link up, so our website has been set up, for example, some password or login to view the search engines and so on.

2. web site navigation purpose is to guide the user to better operate the web site to find what you want, so we must do enough site navigation is simple and practical, even if white can operate, and placed in a conspicuous position of the core columns and navigation. This can highlight the content of the web site. Look at the Nanjing housing network will know, we have a core column placed in the most conspicuous place, let the user first see.

site architecture is a kind of external performance, performance is the object of the search engine and users, a good website structure can make the search engine more grab and included. And there is a good ranking on the Shanghai dragon. The two is easy to user experience, the user of the site is very comfortable, can easily fulfill your needs. Complete the transformation and its own established website.

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